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After a farming accident injures Giselle Foster, she takes a vacation in the Fala'isi Islands to recover, and there she runs into Roman Magnati, first prince of Illyria. Giselle soon receives chilling news from a farmhand that she is in deeper financial debt than she realized and has no choice but to sell her father's farm. Believing she has nothing left to lose, Giselle joins Roman when he asks her on a trip. Convinced his affections will lead only to a one-night stand, Giselle keeps Roman at arm’s length. Is she a fling for Roman, or is there more to it than she realizes? And…what about those magazine pictures of Roman and Leola, Giselle's twin sister?

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take a gambler like fiddler on the roof 3.5 4  4

The heroine goes on her first vacation after the encouragement from her workers at the farm and I say go for it. My reason is because being a farmer is a 365 day job with little time to rest with results of the harvest can be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof. So, the heroine is in the tropics when she comes across the hero with a camera. The hero takes it the wrong way and thinks she's paparazzi but the misunderstanding is cleared up. Later that evening, the hero escorts the heroine to her room and engage in small talk. He surprises her with a kiss and leaves, now the heroine doesn't know what to do because she's never been with any man, much less a prince (information she learned from other guest but didn't say anything to the hero). The next morning, she get a call from the workers that their farm might be seized, she starts to leave but is persuaded by the worker to stay. She's then approached by the hero and she thinks that with all that's happening, she is going to take a chance and agrees with to the hero's proposal of becoming his lover. I did like that she told him before of her flower still intact but it does happen after dinner and she thanks him for the memory. The whole thing leaves the hero confused but they still go on for another day until the hero sleeps in a separate bedroom and the heroine takes that as a sign that he's done with her. So, the time in the tropics ends but the time between the hero and heroine hasn't because he's the buyer for the heroine's farm and it states on the contract that she has to stay on the farm and work on for 6 months. The two go out for a fancy night then coitus and the hero leaves the next morning. However, the heroine runs into one of the OW who mistakes her for her twin sister, but all the nonsense of the OW accusing the heroine (OW thinks it's the twin) leads her to believe that the hero had a relationship with the sister and she can't take it. After the woman leaves, the heroine is horrified and leaves a good-bye note for the hero before departing. After a while, the hero appears at the heroine's farm and reveals that he's the one who bought the farm. The heroine reacts badly to it and is on a bad temper about the whole thing for the next ten or so pages. However, she spends more time with him and is about to fall in love with him. Then the heroine lets it all out in the open about the morning after when the OW came in and the heroine thinking that the hero was with her sister. The hero clears it up that the it was his twin brother that the heroine's twin sister is with. He's saddened that the heroine thinks of such things about him and he leaves. The heroine realizes her mistake and cries but get a call from a friend that the hero's helicopter disappeared. The heroine runs out of the house crying for the hero to come back and sure enough, his helicopter comes back. The hero gets off the helicopter and exclaims that he loves the heroine and the heroine replies that she loves him too. The hero asks her to marry him and she says yes.

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