The Outrageous Dowager

Historical Romance The Outrageous Dowager

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The Outrageous Dowager

While being attacked by a pair of thieves, noblewoman Lexie is saved in the nick of time by the Marquess of Stormaston, who proceeds to steal a kiss from the young dowager as a reward. Shortly after, Lexie learns that, though dashing he may be, the marquess is reputed among the aristocracy to be a relentless womanizer. When they next meet at a masquerade ball, Lexie approaches him with cautious attraction. However, that very caution is thrown to the wind when she challenges him to a horse race and promises to become his mistress if she loses…

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He doesn't get it till the end. 3  3

The story had an interesting heroine because she's a 22 year-old widow of an elderly gentlemen to which they shared a wonderful relationship with. The heroine and the hero meet when the hero saves the heroine from some vagabonds. The heroine's maid warns her of who society works in London and to be wary of the hero. In fact, the maid isn't the only on, the bother of the hero has some feather unpleasant things to say about the hero to the heroine at the society ball. The hero and the heroine meet again and the hero doesn't seem to recognize the heroine but he asks her for a dance and the heroine declines. Then the hero suddenly shows up at the heroine's house, inviting her out for a walk. The heroine is encouraged to go by her maid, though, this is the same maid that told her to be careful of the man. On the walk, the hero does admit that he remembers the heroine and the heroine acts all flustered. The hero makes a proposition to escort the heroine through the season and nothing happens, just fun public outings that look romantic. Both the maid and the brother are against the two of them together. I did like to see the fire lit into the heroine to fight for love. The heroine makes friends with the hero's younger sister and finds out that the hero wants to enlist in the army but can't because he's the heir. I also love that the heroine's late husband wasn't a jerk but an actual sweet man. It turns sour when the heroine meets one of the ex-mistresses of the hero. I also found it bad that the hero has these little nicknames for his lades like "hermie" and "lexie". I give brownie to the heroine for being able to hold it together in that crowd. The hero then confesses to the heroine of how trapped he is and ask the heroine to stay by his side. Thinking that it's a marriage proposal, then heroine agrees and they go to his house. This is where things go bad because the heroine finds the earring of the ex-mistress in his house and realizes what's going on. I did like that he confronted the hero and realized when it wasn't a marriage but a mistress proposal, she got out of the situation toot-sweet. The next morning the hero comes to escort the heroine to some sort of a lunch thing but uses his carriage as the escort, leaving the poor heroine. He's losing brownie points from me. The heroine learns at the party of the sister's romance gone south with the hero picking out a husband for the sister. The heroine states that she supports the sister: good for her. Unfortunately, the heroine is shown the betrothed of the hero and goes off to a quiet place to cry her eyes out. The heroine then invites the sister and her family to her summer home and we see a bit of where the bro misses the heroine. The hero and the heroine have another talk, which leads to a wager that the heroine loses. She then must do what the hero tells her to do and they do it. I didn't like that she lost but I did like that she was the one to tell him enough was enough. The hero gets all mad and calls her a conniving woman and leaves. They don't see each other till the heroine goes to stop a duel between the hero and the sister's lover. I felt like smacking the two young lovers: don't make up a lie about being pregnant in the 1800s because that is taboo as christmas is to spring colors. The heroine gets hurt but stands her ground earning more brownie points from me. The hero gets mad because he thinks that for reason, the whole thing is the fault of the heroine and wants nothing to do with her. We can see that the relationship between the hero and the heroine is nothing more than polite strangers. It's only after the hero has a talk with his sister that he finally gets it and runs after the hero. I did find it interesting that when the brother was about to berate his brother for leaving his fiancee, the fiancee wasn't all at upset and she just sits there, reading her book. The ending was cute.

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