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Maddie invites her fiancé and his family over for Christmas dinner, but she’s hiding a terrible secret from him… She can’t cook to save her life! Maddie decides she has to do something to prepare, so she signs up for classes with Joe Milano, a world-class chef. But it turns out that Joe is a playboy to the core and tries to seduce Maddie every chance he gets! Will Maddie be able to resist this delectable chef?

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family shown in cooking 5  5

The heroine has a dream to have a family like the one in a magazine clipping she cut out to save as a child because she had seen the chaos in the relationship between her parents. So, she chooses to date man who's safe, responsible, and such. He's bringing his parents over to meet her and in the eyes of his mother, critique her cooking skills. The problem is, the woman's culinary expertise extends as far as knowing which is the salt and pepper. I warn to all readers who are cooks and can't stand Food Network show of "Worst Cook of America" that this will be the reader's version of it. Frankly, I'm surprised that she's has managed to keep her figure with all her take outs and eating in restaurants. The heroine spends a bologna load of money to hire a celebrity chef to teach her how to cook the meal from the magazine clipping. The hero flirts with the heroine who puts up the NO sign. The hero can sees as he teaches the heroine that there are not just flaws in her cooking (the woman is a culinary calamity) but her idea of a relationship. She has to put out that she's is perfect person and doesn't want her boyfriend to see her imperfections. It's kind of sad because being with someone isn't about being perfect or wonder woman but letting show you trust them with all your little flaws from hair in the sink to leaving the toilet sit up. Not to mention that she'll be miserable with keeping up the lie of liking to cook. I liked the hidden meaning what the hero showing the heroine even if you follow the everything from the recipe notes from magazine, it doesn't mean the food will taste great. He gave her two dishes that looked exactly the same but were different. As the two work together, they fall for each other but the heroine wants to stick with her plan because it's the safe plan and the hero isn't. The hero is hurt by her words but states he wants the heroine. The heroine almost believes him till she sees him with another woman. This leads to the two have of them having a fight with the plus of the heroine not telling the hero why she's not giving in. In the end, the two separate with hurt hearts. The heroine is able to pull through with cooking with her boyfriend and fellow colleague arriving first. The friend finds one of back note from the hero, filled with encouragement. The heroine realizes she loves the hero and doesn't want to lose him. She apologizes and confesses her feelings to the boyfriend and the friend. The boyfriend and friend make their own confession that they fell in love but the friend wanted to deny it because she didn't want to hurt the heroine. So, the heroine grabs her coat and runs out the door to the hero's party. When she reaches the hero, she confesses her love for him and he hugs her tightly. He exclaims that it's the best Christmas present he has received. Then the heroine learns that the OW is the hero's sister and they begin the festivities with a smile. It was a good story for me.

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