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Alexa had hoped never to see her husband, Giovanni de Verrazzano, again after she left him five years ago. But then he came back to Alexa, asking her to play his wife in front of his newly discovered sheikh father. Their married life was something she didn’t want to return to, which is why she’d kept their son a secret from Giovanni. After he finds out about him, Giovanni insists that both his wife and his son accompany him to see his father. Will this trip be the beginning of a longer journey for Alexa and Giovanni or the last stop on the line?

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I was real ticked in the beginning and was only okay with it in the end. In the beginning, the heroine and the hero are still married on paper, but have been separated for five years. Why, didn't they divorce? I have no idea, coming from both sides. The hero was mad at the heroine because he found out on their wedding night that she wasn't a virgin, he harassed her for months during their time together on how many men she slept with (theoretically), basically interrogating her, and humiliating her. The heroine had all the reason to divorce him since he embarrassed her and calling her all sorts of sexual derogatory names. She was only with one guy. The reason why she didn't show him her son is how he said that she was lucky not to get pregnant during their time together otherwise they couldn't tell who the father was. The ironic thing was in the book, there was no indication of him being a virgin, why does he get to be sexually active but thinks thinks that his wife could be. What's worse is that when they're discussing after the hero finds out about his son, he says, "You mean I'm the only one to blame? It was because you acted like a virgin, that I was attracted to you in the first place." Guess what hero, YOU are to Blame. At least 75%. The 25% percent is that the hero and the heroine didn't have the talk about sex, like have they ever been with any one? What happened? etc. That would have solved a lot of problems. I understand why the hero was attracted because when you are a rich guy who has woman coming at him with their sexuality open, you like to see virgin. But you don't have to be a virgin to be nice and sweet or have those virgin characteristics. Then the thing he said threw my hands up in the air in frustration, " I want you to make it up to me," He wants her to do more than just apologize to him. Excuse me, it's the hero's fault for being a jerk and he expects an apology. That is so wrong. Plus the payment be her body, what a creep. The only thing that the hero seems to do right at the moment is love his son. At the old sheikh knows what to say. Things start to go right, the hero gives a reason on why he wanted a pure and chaste bride and it sounds good but in this day in age, being a virgin rare. The main problem for these love birds is that they were never really open. In the book, they talk about passion and fire, but love, especially marriage is more than that. It's companionate love too and being open and communication to one another. Then the hero starts to think of the heroine's feelings. Finally, it took him long enough. won't reveal what happens in the end, but I will add that he did apologize, with the actual word, "sorry" and the reason why he is sorry. It was an okay book.

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