The Italian Millionaire's Marriage

Pure Romance The Italian Millionaire's Marriage

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The Italian Millionaire's Marriage

Jewelry expert Harriet d'Estino’s sister has set her up on a date with a rich Italian, Marco Calvani, the son of a good family friend. She agrees to meet him, so he arrives the next day to tests her abilities as an antiques dealer. He shows her an heirloom from his family, and she appraises the piece, but her critique isn’t up to his expectations, so he dismisses her abilities. But everything is business with Marco, and he offers to pay her if she’ll agrees to say she's engaged to him and spend time with his mother in Italy. Given the financial stresses her business is under, Harriet agrees and becomes friends with Marco's mom, Lucia. What sort of secrets will Lucia reveal to her about the Calvani family…and about Marco?

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It was okay. 3  3

the story was interesting of how it started: the heroine gets a heads up from her half-sister of a man who is looking for a merger in the name of marriage and because of old friendship is coming to inspect her and her antique shop. I did like how they actually put antique workings like how a Etruscan artifact should weigh. The hero thinks that the heroine is incorrect on her analysis of the product, to which it surprises me.I liked how the heroine is also intelligent being able to speak five languages. I did like that they were being adults in their conversation but the hero was making it too much business and the heroine gave in to the hide too quickly. I didn't like the hero for leaving the heroine so quickly when they arrive at their destination and the heroine for spending too much. She actually bought an expensive ancient bronze statue when she is in deep financial trouble. I actually agreed with the hero on the heroine's decision. Then the heroine says, "Even if I'm borrowing money from, it's still my shop," This is incredible for someone who says that she bought her money with the inheritance from her grandmother, she is so easy to take money from others. When things become hot, the hero gets a call and basically brushes the heroine off. After that, even when he sent flowers, he told him mother that the heroine and him agreed to be married without the heroine's consent. I didn't know who to believe, the hero for not asking the heroine or the heroine for giving in so easily. The next thing that went worse was the hero barging into the heroine throwing a fit for buying a ring that so inexpensive for from the other rings that apparently when you put them all together was the same price as the statute that the heroine bought. It's just so stupid. Then the hero leaves off again for another week, leaving he heroine alone. They have a party to announce their engagement and the heroine goes off talking with a man about antiques. To me, I would do something to make the hero jealous but what the heroine even if it was unintentionally like being out alone in the garden with a man who is not your fiancee for hours is plain stupid. What is wrong with talking in public? The hero goes off drinking and comes back in a foul mood from the heroine and proceeds to act like an arrogant pig. He forces himself on the heroine and then he apologizes. Things start to go better between the two till the hero pulls his macho, dominant male card and sets the wedding date without the heroine's opinion. I was so glad that when the heroine found out, she went straight to his workplace and gave him a piece of her mind. I was glad that the hero's mother set him straight after the break up and proceeded to help the heroine that costed him a lot. That was perhaps one of the sweetest things that I saw the hero do in consideration for the heroine. It was a sweet ending but the heroine didn't feel like she was financially responsible and the hero was too business like.

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