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Karli and Jenna are half sisters, and their mom is rock legend Nicole Razor, who just passed away. In a rush to be by her bedside, they've ended up at a train station in Barinya Downs, a place with just one solitary house in the distance. While they wait for the next train, they find themselves guests of Riley Jackson, an unassuming cowboy who's exiled himself and is doing the jobs nobody else wants. Can the daughters of rock royalty harmonize with the country song in this cowpoke's heart?

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becky's comment - November 13th, 2015

It's a beautiful story about two pure souls meet by chance at an abandoned place surrounded by nothing but desert. The heroine is so devoting and she shows to the Hero what a warm home looks like by cleaning and cooking for him in return for his kind treatment and protection.
The hero is also a very sensible but warm hearted person who cares about the people around him. I liked a lot how this two people finally discover their each other’s value with the support of the others around them.

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A new favorite! 6 stars! 5  5

This has to be one of the best stories I've read yet! I'm SOOO glad it's on my bookshelf for keeps. I may even go after the novel. There are just so many things to like about this tale, from the adaption (the artist said they had to cut so much out it brought them to tears, and yet it was a solid story with solid characters and no gaps), the pacing, the characters, the art... Oh, how I loved the art. And while the hero thought about it, then was no bed before vows, which is a big deal to me. +1 star just for that! I have to say, I rather dislike this new era of awarding stars because everyone expects you to give them top marks for just doing things right, so there is no way to really acknowledge those that are truly exceptional, and this is one I think is. If I could, I'd award it 6 stars!

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i love it! 5  5

the summary doest do it justice. this is such a beautiful,endearing story with very lovable characters from the gorgeous leads, cutiepie karli and her pet rock to the hilarious goodhearted army of meddlers. easily one of the best harlequins here.

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Love it! 5  5

This is one of my favorite books because everything here is so right. I love that the hero and the heroine have issue in life. They both understand the pain of loss of love and hardship. I love the heroine because of her devotion to her younger sister, being the guardian and the mentor. She is able to cook up a great meal out of necessities. I love the interactions between the heroine and the hero because they're communicating and interacting pretty well. There are some funny parts. The hero is pretty cool as well. He has a sense of humor and is caring towards children like the heroine's little sister. Those are some precious qualities a lot of guys need nowadays. Both the heroine and hero make little mistakes around each other, learning from each other's problems and environment. For example, the hero learning the situation of the heroine and her sister to the heroine learning how precious water is in the place they are residing. It's also the small kinds of kindness that they do for each other. The hero gives the heroine and her sister juice. The heroine and her sister clean and fix the hero's house. I love how the heroine roofed the roof by herself. She just gets the job done. One of the best things about this book, is the hero and heroine are spending time together. There is not scandal or bad events between. It's just two strangers meeting together for the first time and bonding with one another. The little sister is especially amazing. She has gone through so much but always seems to have a smile on her face. Plus, she is a great helper when it comes to housework. One of the hardest things in the book to read was the fact that the heroine still believed in love after everything that happened to her and the hero didn't because of what happened to him. It becomes amazing when the Judge comes in. Then I love what pushes the hero to go after the heroine. It's absolutely adorable but I can't tell because I don't want to spoil it. It so sweet and romantic. It's a great story.

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