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Jenna Deane—who has a four-year-old at home and an ex-husband who shows up more than she'd like—can't afford to lose her job. When she finally meets the "boss from Hell" her coworkers have been warning her about, she might have trouble keeping things professional. What can you do when your boss takes you on a business trip, buys you gowns…and is engaged to someone else? Does Jenna have any choice but to be his secretary mistress?

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ugh what the heck a lying heroine who still gets her rich prince charming 3  3

She complains about her stalker abusive cheating liar of an ex husband yet here she is lying one thing after another like its just breathing. Seriously sometimes it felt like she made the guy feel guilty for doing and feeling things all due to her giving out signs. YES LADY YOU WERE TOTALLY TRYING TO SEducE HIM!

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not what I expected 2  2

The story starts off as a cute beginning with the heroine accidentally running into the hero. They meet later on as boss and employee. It's quite nice. However, there seem to be a few misunderstandings on the heroine's part because she doesn't say that she has a child, in fear of losing the job that she just got and she lies to the boss's face about being married to him. Ouch, for the hero. Plus, every time that the hero brought up the "husband", the heroine would just keep building up the lie. They kiss and things become heated but both sides are imagining up things of what the other party is doing and no one seems to be honest, especially the heroine. However, her ex-husband was terrible and is still stalking her. The hero doesn't stay away from her at all, even under the impression that she is married. The tension, lies, and lust between these two characters is so thick, that you could cut it with a knife. The heroine just keeps up with the lies and right in the bed scene. It ruins the romance and one just wants to camel-smack the heroine on the forehead and say, "Tell the truth,". It's only for a little while that the heroine holds onto the lie till she finally admits it. I do admit that I didn't like how the hero reacted to the heroine by leaving her on the doorstep after finding out about her daughter. Although, his action is understandable. Yet, if he was into this woman, he should have looked up information about her in order to know the truth. Lots of application forms have the applicant write if they have been married and divorced and have a living dependent on them. For a man who is representing a man in a sue case, he doesn't seem to do good research. I like the little daughter with what few scenes she was in because she had some pretty good advice. One of my favorite parts in this story was the hero protecting the heroine and her daughter from the terrible ex. The misunderstandings ( made mostly by the heroine herself) are cleared up. It has a cute ending but not really what I was looking for.

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