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One stormy night Regina “Reggie” Barrington received a call from a mysterious stranger named Severo Cardenosa, who demanded she reappear in South America to keep up her end of a bargain. Having no idea what he’s talking about, Reggie confronts her sister, Bella, who had been in South America the previous month. It turns out that Bella promised Severo she’d play the part of his fiancée to ease his ill grandfather's mind about his future. Bella ran away from her responsibility, and now Reggie feels compelled to take her place. Reggie is in love with someone else, so when she meets Severo she is not impressed. Will love blossom between the two? Can Reggie look past her misconceptions to see Severo for who he is?

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This was some story. The heroine finds out that the man she has been seeing is married to his wife, even though they have been living separately and has not intention to divorce him. Something seemed wrong with that. Then there is the mysterious phone call. After that, we have a good sister come in and comfort the heroine of what happened. The heroine wants to leave but won't come to her sister and fiancee's house because the fiancee is jealous of their relationship. NO! When one's future wife's sister is in pain and needs a place, how a person has to do is ask, "how long?" The fiancee shouldn't be so jealous because of their relationship as sisters. However, no body is perfect in this book because it turns out when the sister and her fiancee have a big fight, which leds her to meet the hero, she just something rash that makes it out to be an agreement with money involved using the heroine's name. What's worse, the sister already spent it on the downpayment of a house and is getting married next week. So, she asks the heroine to go in her place as her replacement apparently, the hero actually agrees to over the phone. Then after waiting 3 days in South America, the heroine finally meets the hero and finds out that her sister never sent him a phone call. What's interesting is the fact that when the heroine who asks in spanish to the servants about the condition of the grandfather, they keep saying grandmother. She should have know then that something was going on because the ending of Abluela and Abuelo to me comes out different. Then out of the blue when she is asleep, the hero kisses her. It's something a little bit strange. Then it become twisted when the grandmother reveals that the heroine and the hero will be married soon and the couple talked about it last night. The hero acts so arrogant and the heroine just keeps up the drama, it gets ridiculous. They start to go hot and cold then when they come back, we find the grandmother already speaking to the priest. Dang, that old woman sure moves quick. I still can't believe that the heroine went through with the wedding, but for the sweet old woman it makes sense. Then we find out that the stupid fiancee of the heroine's sister sent address of the guy that was lying to the heroine in their relationship. If I was the sister of the heroine, he would have gotten the couch. I mean who gives the address of their family member to the person who was messing with them, while still married. Then after finding the heroine in a vulnerable position, they do it. We find out that that the heroine was a virgin, which I like because I really didn't want her to give herself to that lying scumbag. Then the hero goes off how he stole the thing that the heroine was saving for the guy and she says that she doesn't blame. But no! The hero goes further saying that it was all part of his plan to seduce and reveals everything to the heroine. How he lied about having a discussion with the heroine's sister on marrying and such. He basically tricked her and blackmailed her. Wow, way to lose brownie points with your new wife. Then he leaves her in bed and doesn't come back till three in the morning. The heroine isn't smart and makes stupid assumptions and says them out loud to the hero then allows him to have sex. Way to hold out. What she should have done is ask him where he was and stick with it. Don't respond to any of his ways of aggravating her but stick to the question. The only thing she did right was try and leave him. What I can't believe is that she goes back to him because of half the conversation she heard that involved the word bankruptcy. Then we have a huge fight and after the heroine reveals that she is in love with him then the stupid hero states that he fell in love with her after the few minutes of first meeting. And he goes through all that just to make her his wife. Something is wrong there. What is wrong with TELLING THE TRUTH and asking if she would like to get a coffee together and sweetly woo her? Something is wrong. The ending was bland too. The story wasn't my cup of tea.

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