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Giles Channing may hail from England, but he's quickly become a top developer at Orion Developers International. Teddy Beaumont is out to redevelop a city block in Atlanta, and he's hired Giles to handle the development...unless Kate Beaumont has her way. Who will win out? The English business developer or the local girl on a mission?

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Very Shakespearean 4  4

This was a good interpretation of Shakespeare's, "Taming of the Shrew". I found it to be very hilarious with how the heroine keeps butting heads with her father on a number of things that she cares for and ends up having the hero be the mediator who helps her get the father to listen to her. Yet, she hisses and claws at him in a metaphorical sense and like Kate in the Shrew, she doesn't like that the hero doesn't bend to her demands or backs away from her razor tongue and sharp claws. I mean the girl was bringing up the Revolutionary war, chaining herself to the building about to be demolished, etc. And these are recent dealings. The hero can't help but admire her spirit and strong will. The father even offers a good deal of business to the hero if he marries the heroine but it's the one thing that doesn't follow the original story with the hero declaring he would only marry for love. The hero decides to banter along with the heroine by sending her a glove (gauntlet, medieval way of declaring a personal battle). That battle turned out to be a bowling ball tournament and the hero wants to go after her but resists since she's a partner's daughter. The heroine takes it the wrong way and goes great lengths to distance herself from the hero but he doesn't give up on the heroine. He goes in for a kiss, which the heroine returns with a passion but she makes claims about the hero using her to make a notch on his bedpost. Her insults extremely hurt the hero and he states he'll never bother the heroine again. Now, the heroine feels guilty for her cruel words and tries to apologize to the hero but he acts cold to her. The whole thing just dreadfully south and the hero ends up scaring his staff into silence with his intimidating demeanor and poor health. Then he's given an opportunity to apologize for his bad behavior when she is missing only the day before a big charity event. He tries to trick her into staying in bed for her poor health as well but she escapes and manages to make it through charity event, coming back with the title of winner. The two share a special night together and the hero confesses his need for he heroine and she accepts them. However, when she's about to confess her feelings to the hero, she overhears a conversation between the hero and father where the father is once again offering the hero business prospects if he'll marry the heroine. She notifies the men of her presence by barging into the room and saying a few things. The hero finds her and tells her what truly happened as well as saying "I love you" to the heroine. She confesses her love to him and they make a start on their new relationship.

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Wow nice read 5  5

Wow it was a really nice read, though would have been better without the sex part (not everybody will agree with me on this I guess). This showed that love is indeed possible even when two people are almost opposites, but everything can just work out fine if you put you heart AND efforts on it. I liked their honesty the most. The only thing that ticked me was the father. What parent in their right mind will leave purposedly their own unmarried daughter with a man at night??

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