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Isabella is the princess of Niroli, an island kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea. She is currently undertaking the task of putting a worldclass resort on her beloved Niroli. If she can make that happen, Niroli will surely flourish. Isabella wants to start negotiations more than anything, but the person in charge of the project, Domenic, has no desire to listen to a spoiled princess with no redeeming quality but her beauty. When he sees that she has no intention of giving up, Domenic presents her with a proposition. He says, "I want you to spend at least a week on the island where I was born." This is the fourth installment in the royalty romance series "The Royal House of Niroli".

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tough princess 4  4

This story had a good princess. It was fascinating to hear of how she felt under the cameras and is trying to prove to her old fashioned- king of grandfather that she is more than just a pretty doll. Then there is the reclusive hero. I first liked the heroine's observation of the hero from his posture and such. She didn't list him as ugly because of his multiple of scars. The hero also makes it own observation of the heroine, which is pretty accurate. Both the heroine and the hero have great skills. The heroine is able to handle herself like a good diplomat and the hero's business tactics are amazing. I like how the hero's sister invites the heroine and the open arms of the hero's family. It's also a breath of fresh air that the hero's previous wife wasn't a horrible person, but it's sad to know that both the daughter and her died in a terrible way. I love how the heroine actually tries to think from both sides of the issue. She is also very kind to the hero but the hero is just a recluse as ever. He doesn't even attend a party with but sulks in the dark. The only time when he comes out is when the heat on the princess gets a little high. The hero's sister is also a smart person because she tells the hero right off of what she thinks, which is the same as what I think. And just as the two are sharing something special, the hero spouts utter nonsense to the poor heroine that he will never love anyone else. What I found most depressing is the princess isn't able to go to her room and stay there crying but has to go out into the world and look like everything is peachy. I'm glad that once the hero sees her smile after their last talk that he realizes how badly he hurt her. Then the crumbly old grandfather throws a fit because his granddaughter wants to establish friendly relations with a country that they have had a bad feud. To me, I would like to find a way to make peace but noooo. The old king demands that the heroine puts it out of sight and out of mind. Thankfully, the heroine stands her ground and becomes disinherited. Luckily, that's when the hero comes dashing in with the doors wide open. The ending would have been more romantic had the old King not banished them. Well, technically he said, "Never set foot here again," Either way, I loved the princess. The hero was okay, but I would have liked him to be a bit stronger.

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Amazing love story 5  5

Let just say they have more reasons to stay apart then they have in common. True love finds a way when they realize that they are both alone and are attracted to each other. When they are together they complete each other. I love how they complete each with the love they have for each other and their countries.

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