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Her father’s right hand-man Griffin says to Evangeline, a wedding planner, “Your fiancé is cheating on you” and she loses her words. But he is the last person she’d want to hear such news from. She and Griffin has a cat-and-dog relationship and every time they see each other, they constantly fight. She doesn’t want his sympathy; however, his passionate kiss brings her back to reality.

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Bad translations, not a good story 2  2

This manga had pretty bad translations. In fact, I rarely see translations done like this by any licensed manga provider and I've never seen one translated so poorly on this site... I'm surprised nobody's mentioned it. Words are missing, the way that things are said is wrong sometimes, and the sarcasm isn't understandable most of the time. Now don't get me wrong here, you can still read it well enough to understand whats going on, but be prepared for it to be annoying. The female lead in this one bothers me most, I know that's common for me, and sometimes I'm just nit picking but this time I'm not. The lead female wants a baby... doesn't really care what type of person her sperm donor is but wants to marry him. She's obsessive with this, she's running out of time to have children because of some early menopause she's supposed to get. Her mom went through it early so she's convinced she will loose the ability to have kids any day as well. Another commenter brought up a real sperm bank as opposed to finding men willing to marry her on short notice. I think that's an excellent idea. A bit costly, but she's got a rich family so it is fine. However, for such a dense woman as this female lead, that sort of logic is not within her brain's capacity. Another issue is she whines about people's ulterior motives, but is she blind as well as stupid? If you come into a relationship showing your own ulterior motives as the only reason for the marriage, how can you expect that the man's motives will be pure? The biggest issue with this character though, is that she waited until she was 30 to decide that it was an emergency and she needed to have kids no matter the cost. Is this a early midlife crisis? It makes NO sense. If she was this determined to have kids shouldn't she have been looking for love... I don't know... since she turned 18 at least like most girls with her mentality? What happened with that? If she fell in love then children would naturally come and sooner than 30 when your at high risk regardless of circumstance... but no... instead she ignores her oncoming infertility until she is sure it's an emergency. This decision to wait until it's a crisis proves she has no ability to plan for the future. Honestly, she's lucky her daddy is rich and can help reel in perspective money grubbers otherwise her pool of men willing to go along with her idiocy would be made up of just the extremely desperate. I could go into more of her major flaws that make her not a prize by any standard to marry but, I'll leave it at that (getting lengthy). Basicly, she's extremely unlikable and the fact that she found a way to fulfill her desire without having to sacrifice much or change her way of thinking is unrealistic and annoying to me. The Male lead wasn't too bad though. I felt bad for him for falling for her, but all's well that ends well I guess. You can't pick and choose who you fall for after all.

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Good Guy Griffin. Another medal for this one too. 5  5

She's running out of time. Desperate to fulfill her lifetime dream of becoming a mother, her ability to scrutinize good character were thrown at the back door. Luckily her father and Griffin a long time frenemy ( cat dog relationship) are both sensible and were able to make her see light and dump that goldigging Carter. Griffin was downright likeable from the get go. He's sensible, isnt easily suaded , protective and selfless. Its not suprising how much Eva's father trusted him like his own son. Im so happy these two got a happily ever after. Not gonna lie, IN this story I was rooting more for Griffin than Eva.

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it was human. 3  3

The story was interesting. There is a strong heroine and hero for the plot. The hero manages her own business and is getting married to another man that her father doesn't like at all. Though, her reasons for getting married is to have a child because she has a limited amount of time before she is unable. That is what didn't make sense to me because she could have just gone to a sperm bank. The story doesn't show that the timeline is before artificial insemination. So, she could have done that. I do like how the hero is honest with her when he shows information and evidence of the fiancee's infidelity. I love how the heroine dumps the bad fiancee: wine is not easy to get out clothes. The hero does make it hard for me to be understood because he always has this poker face on. However, he does have good qualities like sacrificing his time and effort to look after his siblings. The parents of the hero weren't bad, but they died early. It' nice to see that the hero and the heroine start to bond in their married but what threw me off was that there were still photos and even a cd of the heroine's ex-fiancee's infidelity. I don't know who kept those, it might have been the hero or heroine but who would keep them? Worse: The hero sees the heroine watching the video. Why? I don't know. Maybe to say, "I was an idiot for considering to marry this guy" or etc. The becomes worser when the heroine discovers a tumor in her uterus. That's just scary. Then it just gets weird because the heroine becomes distant and angry, deciding that they should divorce because she can't conceive a child. He didn't seem to say the right words but she wasn't practically blowing a gasket. Then the father has to make the problem bigger by saying that he offered the hero a stock transfer for the marriage of his daughter. And this is what I found interesting because as usual, the heroine goes to the hero and says this, "You married me was because my father bribed you?" I know that in the story, it puts it as a question, but it's not really a question because the heroine finds a claim but doesn't says, "Did you....?" or "Is it true that.....?". These are fairly easy questions. The hero says something and the heroine goes off saying something. The hero finally says something and it's like the light bulb in the heroine's head goes off. It's kind of interesting of what the hero says like long term battle. The hero and heroine finally are able to confess their feelings towards each other and it end on a happy note.

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