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Deep in the gorgeous Missouri countryside stands the Hotel Crosby, run by former lawyer Elissa. Having lost her parents at a young age, protecting her two sisters and their quaint hotel is everything to Elissa. However, those peaceful days come to an end with the arrival of a man gripping the deed to the land. Sporting jet black hair and an assertive demeanor, he tells Elissa she has until next Spring to vacate the premises so he can build a golf course on the land. The hotel means the world to Elissa, and she's not about to let some man destroy her happiness without a fight.

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The plot was pretty good. I liked how there was an air of mystery and ambiguity. The fun part was watching how the two main characters first meet. I like how both characters shared similar professions. I found it surprising that a former lawyer like the heroine got scammed by a false realtor but everyone makes mistake. It's cool on how the issue at hand is the hotel itself. I like the battle between the two. It's funny on how they go at each other with logic. The sisters of the heroine look really grown up from their original novels. What I found silly was that they both acted all sneaky in trying to bring the hero and heroine together for some christmas romance. The hero and the heroine actually have similar characteristics, which is nice for me. The mistletoe kiss is actually a sweet one. What I didn't like about the story was the lawyer friend of the heroine said that she should seduce the hero to get him on her side. In my opinion, that seems underhanded and low thinking that the heroine has a chance of the winning against the hero. The friend is a law professor. I can't believe that the heroine actually starts doing it because it's insult to herself and her previous profession as a lawyer. I do find it adorable on how the hero thinks of the idea of the family. Reading the opinions of the hero is one of my favorite things in the story. It becomes even more hilarious when the siblings and husbands try and turn up the love heat. I found the dance in the snow both incredibly romantic and something, I don't think I would do because it would be freezing. Then the heroine just had to ruin with the stupid seduction that the hero saw right through. There is a little problem and it become solved in the end. I do think that it was a little fast in my taste. In the end, it was a good story.

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