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Years ago, the Vialli family was behind a destructive terrorist plot that claimed the life of one of the princes of Niroli...or did it? Now nurse Amelia Vialli struggles to care for her father, who refuses any medical treatment, choosing to die as penance for his crimes. When Dr. Alex Hunter, a heart surgeon from Australia, ends up working with Amelia to save the life of the king, he may have to sacrifice his comfortable life. Can Amelia and Alex keep their relationship professional? Mixing medications can be dangerous, but mixing work and love might be worth the risk!

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quite sweet actually 4  4

So, I rather found this story to be sweet and romantic. The heroine is living on a country where her family is public enemy#1 since her relative was the leader of a terrorist group that kidnapped and killed one of the King's twin grandsons. This caused her entire family to be treated cruelly even though the heroine is loved and respected by her coworkers at the hospital. One day, she runs into the new doctor (the hero) in a funny position outside of work. Right off the bat, the hero asks the heroine out on a date but she rejects it. Although, he doesn't give up and pushes her for a date by even buying her a dress. He still doesn't give up and even becomes a shoulder for her cry on when she opens up about her life and being harassed for her family name. His warm heart finally has her give into a date but his next words has her choking and spitting water all over him: asking her about marriage and babies. Then the hero comments about how many times he's been mistaken for one of the princes and it sets the heroine's brain to work. She pushes the hero away and once he's gone, confronts her dad about it. He reveals he was apart of the group but when they gave them the job to kill the hero, he couldn't do it and smuggled him to an Australian couple to adopt. It's a shaking moment for the heroine that she collapses in the hero's arms since he doesn't have the mark. It the puts the heroine in high spirits since it means she can pursue a relationship with the man. They do start dating and more, bringing them a lot of joy. Then he reveals about removing his birthmark because a past girlfriend didn't like it. This sets the heroine's head of the kilter and asks him to visit her father. He does and the father relays the same story with an apology for what he did. The hero puts him to bed and says that he saved him since he was raised by a loving family. The hero and heroine comfort each other by spending the next few weeks together, while he investigates his birth. It turns out his adoption was a forgery. He decides to keep the whole thing a secret since he doesn't know how to be royal nor wants to be the heir. Things get hectic with the heroine's father dying in a fire but the rumor of it being intentional and the hero's identity is revealed. Once the royalty get wind of this, they lock him up at the palace with the do's and don't's that includes being with the heroine. They barley give the man any freedom, even televise his true identity without his consent. The king's men give the heroine a fake note that the hero's left her and it breaks her heart. During this time, the hero has had enough royal life (not that he ever wanted it in the first place and leaves. This is actually one of my favorite scenes; the adviser tells the hero that he can't got to the hospital because it's full of germs. That would probably be one of the ten top stupidest things anyone can say to a doctor. I loved the hero's response of telling the man to go on a diet. He learns of the heroine's resignation and tells the King he's not taking the throne or anything. He finds the heroine and tells her the news. He asks her if she'll run away with him and marry him. She says yes and they head back to Australia to inform the family of the news. It was actually a good ending and I liked it.

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