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After her husband dies, Lisa starts a house cleaning business by herself. One day, she goes to clean a luxury penthouse on the beach to cover for one of her employees who’s been hurt. The man who owns it is the unsociable Jack Cassidy. And he’s a famous author that Lisa’s a huge fan of! When Jack hears this, he suddenly invites Lisa, who’s a complete stranger, to accompany him to an awards party the next day. Lisa doesn’t date men anymore. She tries to resist him by telling him that, but she can’t fight against his charm, and she can’t suppress the excited feeling that’s spreading through her heart, either.

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A good one 4  4

I really enjoyed this story. I liked both characters for the most part my only issues are with the lead female and they are more minor irritations than actual issues. She made the same dumb assumptions that many the female leads make in harlequin manga. Also, though I can understand how people have a difficult time expressing and speaking their true feelings... even as adults. The female main character takes this to an extreme. She does and says the complete opposite of what she feels. Some readers may find it cute that she always speaks so adamantly in a way that is contradictory to her true emotions and desires. It's kinda like how kids in elementary school are mean to the people they actually have a crush on. It's cute when the two people involved are 8 years old, but it's not as cute when a full grown woman deals with her feelings in the same manner. That is really all I can nit pick about in this one. The art was very good and the story was interesting. I think I would have enjoyed the stories written by the male main character. So anyways, my overall opinion is that anyone who enjoys harlequin manga would almost assuredly enjoy this manga as well. I know that i'd be happy to re-read it.

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a new twist 5  5

This story had an interesting beginning because we think that the heroine is going to be in the same clique of cinderella coming to clean for the rich hero, but the usual roles of the hero and heroine have switched because it's the heroine who is the ceo of her own company and the hero is doing his own artistic job. It's fun and a refresher from the usual. I like how they start to bond because it's not good sexy looks but of the books. I didn't find it strange that the heroine who was widowed loved her husband but found sex painful and that's why they only had one child. I don't know if that possible. I found it good that instead of the hero trying to get over the heroine by going after another girl, he starts to court her for real. He uses flowers, spends time. In my view, it's sweet. I like how the heroine is not only thinking of herself but also of how her child would feel. I like the heroine's honesty on the future of their relationship and if it went south, the effect on the people around them especially the son to the hero. I like how the hero goes out and helps find the missing child ( doesn't go missing because he finds out about his mom's relationship). I do admit that they went a little fast with confessing but I like the end. It was really sweet.

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