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Eight years ago, Leah moved with her brother to the Arabian kingdom of Qatama, where she has served as Princess Samira's nursemaid ever since. However, on the night before Princess Samira's wedding to the neighboring nation of Zubani's Sheikh Sharif, Leah is brought before the king and accused of conspiring with her brother to kidnap the princess. Her punishment: exile. But before Leah can board a plane back to Australia, she is apprehended by Sheikh Sharif, who seeks recompense for this disgrace.

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Hero is a rapist! 1  1

This story was awful! Mostly the awful hero! First her selfish brother runs off with the princess and just abandons his sister at the mercy of the king and the princess's fiance! Then as "compensation" for her brother stealing his fiance, the fiance sheik kidnaps the heroine and forces her to have sex with him! This guy has two daughters, how would he like it if someone did that to one of his daughters?! This book is sick and it basically romaticises rape!

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Must read 3  3

Emma Darcy is the pseudonym used by the Australian husband–wife writing team of Wendy Brennan  and Frank Brennan (1936–1995), they wrote in collaboration over 45 romance novels. In 1993, for the Emma Darcy pseudonym's 10th anniversary, they created the "Emma Darcy Award Contest" to encourage authors to finish their manuscripts. After the death of Frank Brennan in 1995, Wendy now writes the books on her own. Wendy lives in New South Wales, Australia.Darcy sold 60 million books from 1983 to 2001, and averaged six new books per year wendy was born 28 November 1940 in Australia, she has an Honours degree in Latin and worked as a high school English teacher. She was reputedly the first woman computer programmer in the southern hemisphere In 2002, Darcy's first crime novel Who Killed Angelique? won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel. In 2003, the next novel, Who Killed Bianca, was a finalist for the Ned Kelly Award for Best Novel Frank Brennan and Wendy married, and she left her job. The marriage had three sons. They are voracious readers, and they decided to write their own novels under the pseudonym Emma Darcy. Widowed, Wendy now lives in New South Wales, Australia with 5 grandchildren and 3 adult sons. it's a good work the characters a nice art is very wonderful in this particular story

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eh, it was decent 3  3

This was fairly good. I went into it with low expectations because of JAB's score and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It is true that if I hadn't gone into it with low expectations that I may have had more complaints, but as it currently stands I gave it 3 stars. The art was not the best but was goodish. The story got annoying but since I was expecting to be annoyed, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be in those parts. There are tons of character and setting flaws. From a selfish brother, princess, and sheikh, to a lead female who seems to go with the flow far too much where it counts. Naming each issue and explaining would be tedious. Suffice to say the manga has it's issues but going in with low expectations and ignoring all the little irritations can turn it into a decently fun read. As far as if I'd suggest giving it a try, I'd say it shouldn't be first on the list of potentials but it's not one to avoid either.

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Really?! 1  1

The story was not good at the beginning, the hero asks the heroine of how she got her job by whose concubine is she because of how old she is and her appearance. The heroine does admit that she got her job because of her brother but the stupid hero should looked up information on her then he would have made a better observation. Then stupid heroine's brother and the girl that the heroine looks after who is eighteen leave her to face to horrible disaster. The next morning, the heroine gets called in and finds out that her brother apparently, kidnapped the princess. The heroine obviously has no idea and doesn't believe it. It really ticked me off to know that both people knew what they were doing was probably going against the law and would get them into a lot of trouble but they didn't stop to think for a moment that if leaving the woman who had a connection to both of them behind would be left untouched then that they weren't thinking at all. Plus, the brother only made it worse because he had a chance to tell his sister what he was going to do but instead of telling her, he just gave her a lot of money without a valid enough reason. Sureee, that didn't make her look suspicious in front of the girl's father and the hero. I was impressed that she wasn't crying when the crown prince told the sheikh, the hero, and the heroine that the plane brother was on went down because she believed that he was both alive and innocent. Not only that, when she is banished from the kingdom, the hero traps her and takes her away. Apparently, he took her because her brother, that's right, her brother caused a injury to his over inflated pride and now he's going to take it out on her. Then in payment of losing one girl, he decides to use to heroine and I quote from his exact words," warm his bed". He acts so rude and crude to her. I do like that the heroine stands up to the hero, saying she won't go willingly. Then one of the night, the silly heroine gives in and I feel that it's just ruined. The hero says that he is thinking of the heroine's feelings but really? If he was then he would respect the stupid distance. The man thinks with the lower end of the anatomy than with his brain. After that, it becomes worse. Once the heroine realizes that the deed is done, she grabs a knife and states that she will take the hero's life and her own. Of course, the hero gets the knife away from her and says he wants to enjoy that on month celebration with her. All of that, just seems ridiculous. After that night, he acts all sweet and cute and I'm thinking what happened? Did he get hit on the head? The heroine meets the daughters of the sheikh, to which I found adorable. After some time, a woman in the household helps the heroine escape because apparently, she is in the same position. The hero brings her back and says that she should love him. Wow and Really? After all that guy has said about her and she starts to grow and love him. Then what the hero says next is incredibly stupid. He tells her that her brother and the princess have exchanged themselves in return for her freedom, acting all pompous. When she asks him to have mercy, he says that he'll act in accordance with the law. When she asks him if she was bait, he doesn't deny it. It was terrible. Yet, the heroine should have known but nobody is perfect. Then the woman who helped the heroine escape asks for advice and this leads to the women going into a men only meeting. I liked that the heroine finally takes a stand against the hero. The men are obviously peeved at seeing the women there. I love how the heroine defends her brother and the princess. After arguing, mostly from the princess's father, everything seems to be resolved. The hero acts like it was all an elaborate scheme that both the heroine and he made together. The heroine actually smiles at the guy who used her and humiliated her. and suddenly the hero says that she'll be wife. I will says that there are no exchange of love confessions. Nor does the hero and the heroine say I love to one another. The hero also didn't apologize for his behavior. This was not a good story to me. The few good parts was when the heroine actually held her ground.

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