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The man who took her first kiss in her teens, and the man whom she had spent her most passionate time with: Mitchell Carver. "I can’t believe the man who has disappeared from my life, whom I’ve had a hard time trying to track down has suddenly resurfaced as my boss!" It’s been 2 years since their romantic weekend in Paris and Darcy still finds her heart beating to Mitch’s smile and his casual greeting of “Nice seeing you again”. His sudden reappearance catches her off guard. How is she to tell him that he is the father of her twins?

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twins tied them forever 4  4

The heroine runs into an old childhood friend who she had one passionate night that resulted in the conception of the twins. However, he disappeared two years ago and she took that as a sign that he wants nothing to do with her or their kids. So, she raises them with her aunt until the hero pops up as a substitute CEO for his father's company in the company's private shower where the heroine is washing off coffee, which was dropped on top of her head. It's a downhill slide for the heroine, especially when she learns that they'll be working together. It goes even faster when the aunt drops the bomb that the hero's stopping over to visit since he missed the heroine's cousin's funeral who he was close friends with. The heroine tries to keep the boys a secret but the aunt talks about the twins and shows them to the hero. She has no idea that he's the father and neither did he till he saw the family resemblance. It's the same thing as they pull away to talk with the hero declaring marriage and the heroine putting up the no sign. They are able to come to an agreement of sorts but the heroine is still on the fence on what to do with the hero. The hero tries to get her to marry him but she still rejects because he's not the type to get married. The hero doesn't disagree with her on that matter but he does admit to himself that if he were getting married to anybody then it would be her. Thankfully, for him an opportunity arises when the heroine is without help from the aunt who has gone to nurse her injured sister. He places himself in the house and helps with everything. There are some ups and downs like love vs. fondness then the overload of jelly beans but it goes well. The heroine also learns of the hero's work since joining the army from dangerous hostile situations to providing aid to the victims of war and terror. As time goes on, things start looking better. Then the hero's mother shows up and begs the heroine to have the hero meet with her and his dad because he cut them out of his life years ago. The heroine does tell him and learns the hero's past from years back. The hero brought home his college girlfriend to meet his family then had to go on a business trip. When he came back, he found his cheating father screwing his girlfriend. He (plus the mother) knew about the man's cheating ways but he said anything because he wanted to protect his mother till now. When he told his mother, she brushed his words aside and said to pick a better woman next time. Personally, I believe the hero was more hurt by his father's betrayal and his mother's acknowledgment of her husband's cheating than his girlfriend's cheating on him. He decided to spite his parents by dropping out of college and joining the army. She does convince him to go but the hero's father doesn't seem to have changed. The first thing he says after seeing the hero's twins is an order for him to settle down and take over the company. The man was so stupid because the guy only came for the heroine in order to mend a burnt bridge and he just turned it to ash. The hero barges out angry over the fact nothing has changed with the heroine running after him. The hero decides to leave but the heroine doesn't want her kids to be dragged all over the world. So, the hero prepares to leave them. However, he can't leave since he saw his boys sleeping on his bed. Then the heroine goes to him and asks him not to leave because she loves him. The hero confesses that he's unable to leave because he loves her too. He asks her to marry him the fourth time and she says yes. It was a short and nice ending.

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