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Abby Freeman will stop at nothing to make sure her debut as a TV talk-show host starts off with a bang, and that means getting only the best guests on her show. But when the famous Max Harding, who was a part of a big scandal two years ago, refuses to be on her show, Abby finds out just how far she’ll go for her show when she starts to fall for him. Max lets Abby into his private social life, but there’s still something he’s not telling her. Will Abby ever get the scoop on this complicated man?

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Funny 5  5

This story gave me quite a chuckle. Abby was adorable.

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3.5 Going backwards 4  4

This book was good because it shows us a scene with the heroine giving the hero a right hook on national television on her private as she relays it to her cats. The plot starts seven weeks from the "punching" day and we see how to hero and heroine meet. The heroine wants the hero to come on her show as a guest star but the hero doesn't want too. They don't meet again till two weeks later at a party. It turns out that the first episode of the show, didn't go as expected but the hero compliments by saying that she handled it well. They seem to be in a pleasant mood till the hero sees that the heroine knows the wife of the largest shareholder of the t.v. network. He becomes pretty insulting and leaves the heroine. I am surprised that after their last conversation, the heroine lets the hero into her flat where he apologizes for his behavior and words in their last talk. What does bug me throughout the whole plot is that the hero gives her so little trust or opens up little to her but expects her to give the same. I mean, he gets mad at the woman who forgetting her lunch plan with other guy even though it was from the words of another man, who the hero displays distrust. Then another two weeks have passed and the hero comes back to the heroine's flat for his cellphone. It seems quite surprising because who would wait two weeks to get their phone. During those two weeks, the heroine received phone calls from another woman, which gives her doubt and curiosity about the hero. I did like of how when they fight, the heroine wins their argument by saying that she did is no different than what he did in judging her and the OM's relationship. He says that it wasn't an insult but looking at back at his words, it was. The hero calls the OW a dear friend and when their relationship starts to build, it goes south with one phone call. After that, the hero leaves for a foreign correspondence gig and it leads him to getting captured. The heroine learns of this and tries her best to keep going. When she learns of the hero's safe return before the media learns, instead of jumping for joy, she goes to the dear friend to deliver the good news. Yet, when the woman learns the heroine is a reporter, she kicks her out without learning the good news. Then three days later of that incident, the hero returns to the heroine but instead of smiling and hugging, he's frowning and scolding her for going to the dear friend. He thinks that she was harassing them. I loved the heroine's speech against the hero, it was amazing. A sound argument that the hero couldn't break and I was happy that she told him to get out. Next, was the day before "punching day" when the dear friend comes to see the heroine on the hero's behalf. It doesn't go well and the heroine gets the surprise that the hero wants to be on her show but only for the next day (punching day). Then five minutes before the show, the hero whispers to to the heroine that he loves her. Man, why did he just put the heroine on the roller coaster of emotion? Then we learn why the heroine punched the hero on national television because he said on national television, "Are you sure you want me to tell everyone that the only reason I'm here tonight is that I couldn't refuse you when you asked me to sleep with you?". Forget the right hook, slam the right foot on his family jewels. That's what I would have done, no wonder the heroine ran off stage. After explaining the whole story to her cat, the hero breaks in, looking relieved that the heroine is alive. I would have the heroine go straight home to pack a suitcase and find some far away cottage. The hero has her watch the rest of the show, where he uses it as a trap for the OM because the OM raped his friend's wife and used it to blackmail his friend who committed suicide from being unable to protect his wife and no way to get back at the man. He then explained to the pubic on national television that it was all an act that the heroine and him did together in order to get evidence of the OM's evil deeds. It was a sweet ending but I would have like it if the hero apologized for putting the heroine through the roller coasters emotion.

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