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As a career woman, Maddy's life is full of busy days and there are no decent guys in sight. There is no way she is getting married to any of the guys she knows, but she still wants to have a child of her own. So Maddy decides to be artificially inseminated. But after she becomes pregnant, a man stops by her place and forces a kiss on her! He's the crown prince of the Kingdom of Dubaac, and he tells her the child in Maddy's stomach is his! After that, he carries Maddy off to his country and marries her. This has got to be some kind of joke!

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becky's comment - January 4th, 2019

Heroine is attracted to hero yet she tried to hold back because all her previous relationship did not work out well. Hero was such an arrogant man at first, i like how heroine turned him into a better person.

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the story started off okay then it got worse. 2  2

Issues: 1. The Character Art - You can always expect a complaint from me about art every time a harlequin manga uses this character art style with the male main long faces and E.T. hands and the anorexic barbie girl female who looks identical except the clothing to every other female main created in harlequins of this style. I don't see my taste in this changing any time soon, still I never learn my lesson and just skip over the ones with this art style. I always end up reading them hoping the story and character personalities will make it worth while. Which brings me to my second issue. 2. Character personalities. The Male lead is copy paste sheikh. Nothing is interesting about him. He lacks originality and it leaves the character to be lacking in depth which in turn negatively affects the story. The female lead starts out promising as others have pointed out... I usually like female leads that are smart and strong emotionally. Unfortunately, although this woman is outspoken and not afraid to show her emotions, in reality, she is not strong at all. She's also impulsive and not too smart. 3. Story - What are the odds that a woman who hated men would become a vice president of a sperm bank that was made so that rich people could keep their sperm and have it saved for the future just in case something happens and they need an heir but can not produce one anymore? I don't know but you'd think she'd have some better career choices for someone anti man. She advertises about this special sperm bank on TV and a prince just so happens to be watching at that exact time during his vacation to this country. So he decides that he must have this sperm bank woman with big sunglasses on to hide her features. Then in another odd twist of fate they end up both being invited to the same party. Her friend thought she was insane for wanting to be artificiality inseminated and so she suggested she go to this party where the rich socialites were going to be. So when, by pure coincidence, the prince shows at this party, he kisses her and she enjoys it. You may think that since they both enjoyed the kiss they decided to start seeing each other however instead she responds physically by slaping him... I couldn't understand her logic here but even more perplexing was how the male lead seemed to like her even more after she slapped him and made a fool of him publicly. However, the part that really made the story go south for me was when the princes sperm and the sperm she picked out to use somehow got switched and she ended up impregnated by the prince. First of all. Wasn't their company made so rich people could save their sperm so they could still have an heir should something go wrong? If that's the case then wouldn't she have to go elsewhere to get sperm or does her company just give her free reign over whichever sperm she feels like taking anonymously for herself? Even if they did do both types of services what are the odds that 2 samples of sperm from people who desired 2 very different services would be stored in the same place so poorly that they could mix up which she would get and then by some stroke of luck realize their mistake after it happened and be able to find out who's sperm it actually really was... that's just impossible. It boggles my mind further when they call and tell the prince about the female lead and her potential pregnancy who should be protected from the release of information regardless of his personal standing. WTH? Then the prince goes and demands rights to the child she tried to have alone and somehow he gets her to willingly get on a plane with him for what she thinks is to go out for the night. That's not all I could say but this is getting lengthy. There are levels upon levels of crazy coincidence and stupidity. I felt so lost as I read this, so many conveniences happened that you cannot even wonder 'what are the chances of that?', by the end of the story cause it's impossible. Then it has some of the other issues I usually dislike. The couple make assumptions about each other without trying to talk about it with each other or think about the fact that they could possibly be mistaken. Anyways, I won't be reading this one again.

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strong female and male 5  5

When reading this story about the sheikh and pregnancy, I thought that it would be the typical story of the poor weak female heroine. However, in actuality, the heroine held her ground pretty good. The heroine is living fairly well with her own job independently. The hero is facing the issue of finding a wife, but it fascinated me on how the hero described the women around him. The hero wanted a real woman, not a woman who was killing herself in order to please the sheikh. It's nice that he explained it. I was intrigued by why the heroine was wearing sunglasses on television because that's something that you don't usually see. Pretty much, the hero has his sperm frozen just in case of his blood line mishap or whatever. The heroine has her own troubles because of bad males in her past as mentors but she wants children and decides to get the insemination. Then. ta-dah! She manages to have her "donated" sperm mixed up with the sheik's. It surprises that these clinics make these mistakes ever so often. I mean if this was happening in real life then nobody would want to be artificial inseminated and the business would go dry. The first meeting of the hero and the heroine starts out funny then goes bad as usual. The hero does find out before the heroine that his specimen was used and could be fertile before her but the fact that he had to wait a month was interesting. The hero is a bit arrogant when he comes to see the heroine about their unborn child. However, when the heroine faints and wakes up, it's sweet to see the hero cleaning the kitchen and making a healthy meal for the heroine. They do a bit of arguing, I found it fun to watch on how the hero was bossing the heroine to eat healthy products like no more caffeine and sugar. The heroine stands her grounds and says that she won't give up her child. The next day, the hero starts wooing her by sending an ocean of flowers to her. I was surprised that the heroine went to have dinner with the hero in his private "jet". To me, that was the sign that one shouldn't go. However, she went, fell asleep, and ended up halfway to the hero's kingdom. What I can't believe next is that the two of them have sex because if they are so big on having a baby then they should know that having sex in the first few months is dangerous to the baby. I respect the heroine for getting mad at the hero but I liked how she was being kind and thankful to the serving women. It's always good to say thank you to someone. I like how the heroine is bold in front of the hero, saying that she was thanking the head "housekeeper". I thought it was funny. She also gives good reasons to the hero of why she did and that he should do it too. The hero does show some care to the heroine by bringing in clothes that she would probably be more comfortable in like western clothes to the native style of clothing. I love how the heroine is able to make the hero say, "please". I was a little scared when the heroine was being honest with the old sheikh but it turns out that he likes her for not changing who she is. I like how the old sheikh respects her and is kind to her. What is even more interesting is the change that comes over both heroine and hero because after the old sheikh leaves, the hero says that he'll release the heroine but the heroine realizing the depth of the situation, decides to stay. They both act mature adults, which is another thing I liked. They start to develop until tragedy hits them. I was so upset but it was that tragedy that helped them realize that what they had was real love. I love how the serving women banded together. This was an amazing story.

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