Wife: Bought and Paid for

Romance Wife: Bought and Paid for

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Wife: Bought and Paid for

Lady Penelope "Penny" Haversham has a career going as a model…until Solo Maffeiano buys his way into her life. It's either marry him or watch him sell off her precious Haversham Park. It's a sticky situation, but Penny will do what it takes to save the estate...until she finds out that her sham of a marriage just isn’t worth it. Can Penny tolerate a man who keeps a mistress and just wants her for show?

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alright 3  3

The heroine meets the hero when she was 18 and fell completely head over the heels for the man. Her friends warns her about the rumors with his secretary being his mistress and he's only using her to get the house. The heroine of course doesn't believe it and decides to be reasonable by asking him about it. Just as she's about to walk in, she overhears a conversation between the hero and his secretary. From the sound of it, it makes the friends rumors seem true. So, she runs off with him seeing her with one of the male friends and she improvises. They both break each other's heart and don't see each other till four years pass and the heroine's parents die in an accident. She finds out that they didn't just sell a part of the home to the hero but the half and she can't pay for it. One thing lads to another and somehow she ends up in bed with him. After the deflowering, he rudely compares her to merchandise dangles the carrot with only option is to marry him and already has a week's plan for their wedding. The heroine seeing no other option to get her home with entertaining the possibility that she might be pregnant goes with the wedding. The heroine and hero go through a lot of ups and down on their honeymoon and newly married life. Finally what happened four years ago finally comes to light and they reveal what happened. then the heroine discovers she's pregnant and it freaks her out. She planned to tell the hero but found him to be all cuddly with the secretary. She ran off, leaving a good-bye note and a ring. He finds her again and reveals the secretary is his older half sister but they've been keeping it a secret for her adoptive parents. He reveals that he's been in love with the heroine from the start. It goes alright till the heroine faints and the baby secret is out. They do come to a talk with each other and it reconcile with the other. We get an epilogue of them walking down the beach with their dog and little boy.

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Good Read 4  4

I enjoyed this one. The art is this stories strongest point. The female lead was drawn beautifully. The male lead was also drawn really well but the female lead really shined.

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