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As an obstetrician, Bailey has helped others give birth to their babies, but now she wants one of her own. However, Bailey grew up in a rich home and has no idea how to do housework or care for children. So she decides to pose as a nanny and learn how to do both. She answers an ad for a nanny, and what she finds is a sexy single dad, Gib, and his three rather mischievous children.

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3.5 a bit illogical but okay 4  4

I felt the heroine didn't think things through when it came to the matter learning how to cook, clean, and care for kids. Yet, after her parents' death, she's desperate for a family and thinks a baby is the way to go. She decides to do it vitro-fertilization but has no experience in housekeeping and child care. She thinks the best way to learn is a 3 month position as a nanny. In fact, she thinks in 3 months that she'll be a professional in housekeeping and being a parent. Personally, I thought she was being silly because there are alternatives way to learn childcare and housekeeping. 1# You hire a housekeeping company to teach you how to cook and clean, choose someone with kids who can give her the 411 on the endless messes and dishrags. 2# The childcare is easy: go to a local YMCA or something to volunteer your time in caring for kids. Better yet, she can use the hospital she works at as a doctor to volunteer her time at the maternity ward or newborns section. You only learn the mere basics, you don't become a professional at this in three months, it's a life learning experience. Instead, the heroine decides to dive headfirst into applying and lying for the nanny position. However, I was impressed with her being able to bluff her way through the interview and the first day. Although, I was more happy that she learned kids never give you the time off, especially 3 young kids. The heroine learns of the sad tragedy where the "father" is actually their uncle because their parents died in a car crash. Then the hero had to divorce his wife who didn't want kids and the house is a mess. I did like she was became honest with him about the no experience bit. As she spends more time with the kids, she becomes closer and helps them understand things like their parents' death. The hero and heroine also grow closer to the point when the hero takes the heroine out for an adult dinner when the kids are at grandparents' house. I don't blame them since they just spent the entire day cleaning the house spotless. Unfortunately, the heroine takes him back to her expensive house and nearly blows it but she's able to cover it up quick. The dinner goes fabulous and they enjoy the late night "dessert". The heroine becomes unable to hold back the truth and is about to tell the hero when grandparents come in worried about one of the girls. It's there that the heroine's true profession comes out. When she's given a moment alone with the hero, she tells him the whole truth. He doesn't take it well, admonishes the heroine for her insensitivity since the kids have grown so close to her, and fires the heroine. The next few days are miserable for everyone and takes the hero's cousin and a bottle of beer for the hero to realize the heroine is genuine. So, he goes to the heroine and tells her he wants her back in life and matrimony. He wants to marry her but she rejects him because during their separation, the heroine realizes her dreams were unreasonable and decided not to go through with the invitro fertilization. She also decided that she's not cut out for marriage and kids because of what she done. The hero states he'll wait for her. Now, it's the heroine's friend who encourages to go after the hero and that she's capable of being a parent and has a man who wants to be with her for her. The heroine runs back to hero's house and they go over things in their own way of confessing their love. It does have a happy ending and I really liked it.

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