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"I found a husband for you. Get married within two weeks!" Ione was astonished by this demand from her Greek tycoon stepfather. Without considering her feelings, he wants to pass on his business to Alexio, a successful businessman from a prestigious family, by forcing her to marry him. What's worse, Alexio is the arrogant man who mistook her for a maid two months ago. Until now, she's been enduring mistreatment from her stepfather, but she can't take it anymore. Her honeymoon is the chance... Her chance to abandon Alexio and home, and escape for good!

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editor's comment - January 26th, 2018

Heroine with abusive dad, I am glad hero really cares for her. Good to see how heroine walks out her terrible family and found happiness.

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2 1/2 stars... decent. 2  2

I couldn't quite give this a 3 stars cause 3 is something I reserve for a story I generally like and feel is average. However, I tend to give 2's on things I'm not a fan of but have something decent about them. This one I'd rate between a 2 and a 3. It's not quite something I could say I liked and considered average... but it's pretty unique and I can see why some other people would enjoy it. First I'll start with the best thing about this harlequin. That is the character art. It's really top notch. The art was truly the best part of this story. I hope that I get to see more harlequin done by this artist. Another thing I felt was good was that they made the tragic heroin this time actually in a tragic situation that was not of her own making. So many of the harlequin female leads end up creating the drama that surrounds them on their own and I'm not saying this female lead doesn't do that as well, cause she definitely does. However, her initial situation of being in a physically abusive and extremely restrictive family was not her own fault. The fact that she was stuck in that situation before her marriage made her selfish and stupid choices more forgivable by both the male lead and more judgmental readers like myself (I can't help it). I also think it's unique as a harlequin story. I can't think of more than one other harlequin romance that I've read so far where the female lead was being actively abused and held prisoner by her family and I've read quite a few. Now I'll tell you my issues with this manga. The female lead is super into the poor me thing. She is also into drawing her own false conclusions about things that happen and then she makes bad decisions based on those untruths. Forgoing any talk that would clear things up. She rarely sees fault in her own actions or how they affect others. Still, the male lead has his faults too. He said after finding out that she had planned to run away even before they were married that he wouldn't have married her, he already forgave her (even though she didn't really apologize only gave excuses) for her wanting to run away two times, what does finding out more about her desire to run away from before change anything? Well whatever. All in all, I'd say this story is probably one that many harlequin fans would be able to enjoy but I personally didn't like it that much with the exception of the art. It just wasn't my type.

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Someone give this guy a medal please. 5  5

Sheltered from the real world, Ione is as pure and beautiful as one could ever be. The type that would automatically trigger any male's protective instincts. For her strict father to a constantly worried gorgeous husband. After a while you come to realize having her with bodyguards 24/7 isnt so ridiculous with how naive she is. LOL. Alexio is not just understanding but he really puts up with so much. His poor poor heart must be going through so much highs from panic. Hahah she is just so clueless. BUt for someone reason, you cant hate her because she was just simply that pure. Alexio was so self sacrificing. He never once used or treated her like a tool. He was just glaring at everyone who eyed her, refused her fortune and more so, was willing to give her a choice just to make her truly happy even if that means, he could lose her. You could not ask for an even better man.

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It has to be one of the most patient heroes. 3  3

We have a heroine who is in a bad situation with an abusive father. There is no excuse with how he acts. The heroine wants to see her twin sister because they were adopted separately as babies but the father doesn't allow it and when the heroine actually tries to see her, the father brings her back and beats her saying that she shouldn't meet with her sister. Fast forward: four years, is the father forcing an engagement with the heroine and the hero. The father threatens her not to tell the hero's family of her true heritage. The heroine comes off as naive because to me is her stance of talking to a teddy bear. When they first meet, the hero sees how much of a servant she acts, but he's pulled in by her innocence. They seem to get along till the hero says, "Even without love, I'll do my best to be a good husband," Yep, that ruined the heroine's hope for him. When they are discussing the plans at dinner and the heroine actually voices her opinion, the father was going to actually hit her till the hero stepped in to save her. Brownie points for the hero. The heroine leaves and the hero finds her asleep in a nightmare. He wakes up the heroine and she projects a sense of a child to the hero. He's completely taken in with her. I so loved the wedding gift that the hero gave to the heroine: a teddy bear. He was actually taking her likes into consideration. The parents of the hero are very nice. The father comes to see the heroine and pulls the regular creeps on her. Once the heroine is alone, she escapes and the hero goes after her because the father's stupid bodyguards plan to bring her back to her father. It was interesting to see how the hero react to seeing the heroine out of the modest clothing. I also found it interesting of how the heroine knows so little like money wise. The hero gently brings her back and ask for an explanation. The heroine doesn't give him much, saying that she wants to be free, but not the real reason of finding her sister. Then the heroine, asks the hero for a second chance and to me, that's suspicious. The hero is more aware of things than she. The hero is respectful to her, saying that he'll sleep in the other room on their wedding night. The heroine throws a fit and the hero explains and they do it. The couple start to bond. Then the hero finds the picture of the heroine and her sister. The heroine gets scared but tells the truth. Unfortunately, the hero has to leave before giving a response, but he sends her a bouquet of flowers with a note saying that the heroine is a part of his family. It was so sweet. Then the heroine meets the other woman that hero was involved in before he met the heroine. The heroine gets all mad and confronts the hero, which is a good thing. Before the hero can tell with her more, an important client from world of the sheikh comes in. To the heroine, the hero orders her, which makes her afraid because it's what her father did to her mother. So, she runs off to find her sister but only gets an address because she lives in Scotland. The heroine is at an hotel, the hero comes after her and argues with her. He actually comes up with good points. The heroine starts to open up that she hasn't been able to trust anyone. The hero very understanding and sweet. The heroine then says that she found his sister's address and the hero encourages her to contact her sister immediately. I totally found that sweet. The father suddenly gets a heart attack and may not live. The couple go back and everything seems to be fine till the stupid aunt spouts out about the heroine's flight plans earlier and that just cuts the marriage of trust between the hero and heroine. The heroine's aunt tries to act all nice but I don't buy it. After the father's funeral, things are still shaky between the hero and heroine. The heroine learns from her aunt that her father loved her and her mother but didn't know how to show but also said that it didn't excuse for what he did. I'm sorry, but physically, emotionally, and mentally abusing your daughter is a messed up form of love. That is not true. What also isn't love, is having multiple infidelities while married. That was not a good husband or father. The heroine finally starts to grow up. Then a friend ( maybe was a boyfriend) shows up, the first person to meet him is the hero. More brownie points on how the hero treats the guy and leaving the heroine and the guy to have some private time. Their conversation is similar to two friends interchanging. The hero and the heroine start talking and I'm so falling in love with the hero. He is in love with her, but was willing to let her go so she could have her own choice in life. It was so romantic. I love the hero for all his patience, understanding, and positive attitude. We need more heroes like him.

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