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After Sarah hurts her leg falling from a horse, she quits her modeling career in search of a new life—being employed in the royal palace of Morocco. She’s greeted at the airport by a man whose blue eyes light up as if they were on fire. He claims to be a servant of the Berber sheikh Zain Hassan, and immediately spirits her off into the desert. Sarah quickly realizes that she’s at his mercy; even if she tries to escape, his intense blue eyes see through her every move. But what does he want from her? What will become of her—she's been kidnapped in the desert!

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Misogyny is never attracted 1  1

Like the other reviewer said, the hero is absolutely horrible. He's a misogynistic prick who believes that women are there to serve men. There are strong rape tendencies throughout which magically get resolved in the last 10 pages where the heroine (who is clearly suffering from stockholm syndrome cause the hero is still a small minded jerk) decides that she loves him and the obvious near death trope. The art is okay, but the story is so not worth your time. Granted the book is originally from the 1970s, so that could explain how antiquated the author's opinion of Arabs and gender norms are.

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Done with--"Mine, Mine, Mine!" 1  1

The plot line didn't give much between the hero and the heroine. I felt that the hero was being an idiot, a jerk, and many other things. The first time they meet, the hero is in disguise and goes off saying that the heroine should come with him. The heroine is being stranger safety, by asking for id to which the hero doesn't provide any. Suddenly, the hero pulls a black bag over the heroine and basically; kidnaps her. Not the best start. The hero says it was in their best interest because they didn't want anybody to see the heroine's red hair, which I should known that a dark colored scarf would ave worked just fine. Then it goes worse, the hero makes sexist comments like this, " Women should know their place, and not it's not good for them to fill their heads beyond that," What a pig! The heroine stands her ground and the hero just pushes past the boundaries on the heroine's privacy. The poor heroine lost her job and her fiancee because of a leg accident but I couldn't believe that the fiancee left the heroine for not being able to ride a horse. Sir! It was her first time! The hero insults her with her scarred leg of why she would go to work. I say, good job for trying to move forward in your life and looking for a new career. The hero uses the term: white women who are slaves. Yep, not gaining those brownie points, losing them. But the heroine stupidly admits that no one should be expecting her to call them, giving the hero the perfect chance to make her disappear. They make it to the palace, where the hero is treating the heroine like an object using the phrase, " knock down the price a bit," The heroine rests till night and wanders around till she finds out that the hero is the person who was hiring her. Then the hero makes the statement that the heroine is going to be his wife. Again: statement, doesn't ask the heroine: will you marry me? The hero starts going off how she is imperfect that what he wants. He is insulting her. They fall into bed, but the heroine is crying trying to resist him, saying that they don't love each other. The hero says, " What of it?"Really? He even says that he doesn't love the heroine either and he wants to marry her?! Then the heroine goes off about the hero's first dead wife, to which the hero responds with anger. The hero loved his wife, but doesn't love the heroine and wants to marry her in order to have a successor. He is going into the negative brownie points. The heroine has to deal with everybody saying its a great w=honor to bear the sheikh's heir. The heroine has no one to turn to. The hero is not better with repeating the phrase: bear my heir. The hero basically sexually harasses the heroine by ripping her clothes. Then calls a good ole sized scar on the heroine's leg little and that's why she is upset. The hero is so selfish. The heroine starts learning some things about the hero which goes okay and they start to see a bit of connection but it ends before there is even a spark. The heroine is just in pain then she gets stung by a bee, which causes an uproar. I think that this is only one of two times that we see the hero have some concern for the heroine's well being. The heroine is able to come back to life and the hero decides to let her go. The heroine goes into a fit and people confess and everything is peachy. To me, there was too much male dominance and not enough communication. It felt that the hero knew the heroine by reports he was given, not by actual meeting her. The heroine was trying but there were some things that could have gone better like going back into the airport when the guy didn't immediately show his id. Not my favorite.

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