Passion Romance THE CHILD OF JUDAS

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Weddings should be a joyful occasion—the beginning of a rosy life with the one you love. But for Fenella, this wedding is the scene of a crime, and she’s the main suspect. After changing places with the real bride, now Fenella’s taking the vows instead! When the groom, Heraklion, discovers he’s been deceived, he vows to punish her for it. But the truth is, Fenella’s in love with him. Their marriage is off to a bittersweet start… Frailty, thy name is woman!

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plain heroine, jerk hero 2  2

Not good. The heroine somehow gets wrapped up with marrying the hero who was supposed to marry the heroine's cousin but the cousin left to become an actress on the day of the wedding and tells the heroine to give the note explaining everything to the hero. The heroine attempts to tell people, but lets it go because she is "thinking" of greek values. To me, wouldn't it have been easier to tell the hero firsthand, before donning the white gown and giving him the shock with the lift of the veil at the altar. In my view, the hero does have a right to feel angry at the woman who tilted him and the heroine who took the cousin's place but his attitude has me on edge. Especially after their wedding night, the hero throws a wrapped package to the heroine on the bed because he found out that she was a virgin. There is a double meaning to it and the heroine knows it too. Then the hero goes off on his third time that the heroine has one year to bear an heir for the family. Wow. That is asking a lot. Plus, he said that once their "son", yes he said son and not child, doesn't even take a moment to think that it might be a girl, he'll kick the heroine out. When the couple meet the hero's brother, he is so nice to the heroine that he gives her a compliment to which, the hero throws a temper tantrum on the heroine that she shouldn't blush at a man other than her husband's compliments. Yeah, cause the heroine has had a whole bus load of compliments from him. The heroine points that the hero's brother is being nice, but the hero states that his brother is a playboy. The heroine tries to make conversation at the dinner table but the hero just twists into saying that the heroine wants money. Then the heroine doesn't want to talk anymore and the hero starts thinking with his groin and that leads to you know what. For next few weeks, the hero leaves for work, but the heroine instead of moping around plays with the brother's young son, which I find sweet. The heroine also helps around with accounting. The heroine goes out for walks with the hero's brother, which she only feels like a friend/brother relationship. The heroine learns from the broth that the hero has some major trust issues with woman that are not unfounded. However, the brother's dead wife should have said that women were not useless. The hero does start showing some concern for the heroine and the heroine is happy till she comes under the suspicion that she might be pregnant. The hero gets into an accident that gives the couple a bit of a special moment. Then the brother comes in. A lot of what the brother says is true, the fact that the hero doesn't realize that the heroine is pregnant because he hardly pays attention to her, he doesn't realize of how great a woman is. That the brother would cherish her. The heroine rejects him, stating that she is his sister in law. The hero hears everything, but manages to tune out that the heroine rejecting his brother and throws a fit. He calls the heroine a female b-word and runs out. The heroine is so distressed that she gets into a car and has an accident that causes her to lose the baby. The heroine is unconscious for days. The brother has tried to contact the hero but to no avail but the heroine is so heartbroken that she begs the brother to take her away. The two of them hang out and the brother suggest that the heroine marry him but the heroine rejects him saying that she is still in love with the hero. Why, because the days they spent together were wonderful. That is somehow twisted because for the 50% of the time the hero was insulting the heroine, 25% was having intercourse, and 25% was small morning hellos and good byes. For cry in' in the night, the heroine had a better relationship with the brother than with the hero. The two decide to go to a costume party as friends where they meet the hero who has seemed to have calmed down. The hero ask for a dance with the heroine but doesn't give the indication that she is the heroine, only states that he is a lowly pirate whose wife left him. Funny, when it was him running out of the house. They dance for a bit then the hero confesses that he was in love with his wife (the heroine) but didn't understand her heart. Hmm, I wonder why? Then they confess especially, when the hero finally learns that the poor heroine suffered a miscarriage. The heroine tries to leave but the hero stops her and says that he is in love with her. I did like the ending, but the content was a bit much because of the lack of communication and insulting was a bit much.

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