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Tired of her parents always manipulating her life to accommodate their business’s future, Jessica decides to pursue her own path. While living her new life, she meets Daniel Hayward. He’s new in town and has just purchased an old rundown mansion. During their time together, Jessica can’t help but feel that he’s perfect for her. Maybe a little too perfect. Having weathered past traumas, Jessica finds it hard to trust people, and just when she thinks she’s found someone she can trust, Daniel turns out to be her father’s business partner. Were her parents behind the whole romance or is this fate?

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Good 3  3

The plot of the story is like this heroine has a traumatized past where she used to work in the bank in there was a robbery in the bank which caused her very mental damage and very hard for car in heart which she wants to forget and she has moved away from her parents meeting does not like her or does not like situation a parents of wealthy but it is not true that it's not lover care about her in the mean by when she is staying in the countryside S. NIC stay awhile for their over 3 years exchanger is life at the calmness over there one day the old mansion in the town which was locked away or deserted is owned by a man both of them meet again and again and crew attracted to each other without knowing the original situation about each other with stone out the man is the partner of her father which makes the heroine very special dishes and things that this is social plan of the parents to get closer to her and eventually all plant and control master plan to make her fall for her and she is very upset with End of day the misunderstanding is clearing she cries a lot about it and you can see in the endangered there getting married and it has a very good happy ending.Penelope Jones was born on 24 November 1946 in Preston, Lancashire, the eldest of three children born to Anthony Winn Jones and his wife, Margaret Louise (née Groves),She had a brother, Anthony, and a sister, Prudence. A keen reader from childhood, her mother would leave her in the children's section of the local library while she changed her father's library books.Her story-telling career began at the age of eight when she began telling original bedtime stories to her younger sister. Jones married Steve Halsall, an accountant, who died of cancer,predeceasing his wife. They did not have children, but she had a bakers dozen of assorted godchildren, nieces and nephews.March 1979, she published her first novel under the pseudonym Caroline Courtney, Duchess in Disguise, the same year she published other 4 books. The artist good the story is good but waste is nice the story catches you and keeps you entertain well.

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alright 3  3

It was an alright romance, I mean it was understandable of reasons why the heroine wanted to leave the bank job with the whole hostage incident and not even liking the job in the first place would make the heroine pursue a countryside career in tapestries. However, I didn't like how though she loved her parents, she seemed to blame them being rich that drew the bad eggs to her. She knew that her parents were rich but she along with everyone else should know it's their money and not hers. That nasty materialistic cousin didn't seem to care, she just wanted to make someone miserable in order to make herself better; simple case of self insecurity and nastiness. After living for some years of living in the countryside, she meets the hero when he reacts like a hero in a dangerous situation. They grow close but she traps him and shuts him out without giving him a chance to hear his side when she hears that he's associated with her father. She thinks that the guy is only there to get in close with the father but that's no the case. It's only after she runs away and when the hero finds her again that she gets the whole truth. First, she has been avoiding her parents but a while but that's not the truth because they do love her. Second, avoidance has her missed the failing bank, her father's heart attack, and her parents are only human. Third, the hero is merely a business partner with the father in helping him support the bank and there's nothing under the table between the two. It means, he was with the heroine for the heroine. The heroine realizes her horrible mistake and has a good cry about it. Next, she decides to do the opposite of what she has been doing and face the hero. We have a bit of a scary situation but no one gets hurt and after the heroine apologizes to the hero and he confesses his love and we have a happy ending with the two getting married. It was alright and all.

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