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Scarlett is still healing from her heartbreak of being rejected after she told the man she loved, Alessandro, that she was pregnant with his child. It’s been four years, and now Alessandro is back in Scarlett’s life. He hires her to design a new hotel for him, but in doing so he also wants to have an affair with her. Scarlett wants nothing more than to have him acknowledge their son, but Alessandro denies the child is his and accuses Scarlett of being nothing but a gold digger. After doing a DNA test, he finally learns the truth. Alessandro wants to do the right thing and marry Scarlett, but she doesn’t want a loveless marriage. Even so, she goes along with it in fear of being blackmailed and having her son taken away. Not only that, but she still can’t help but love Alessandro even after all he’s put her through.

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The Marciano love child 5  5

I love it. It's a very touching story. I think we shoul be honest about all of our condition and share our fearness to the one we love.

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not enough grovel 2  2

The story has a heroine who was thrown out by the hero because she told him that she was pregnant but he had a vasectomy but he didn't tell the heroine. Fast forward four years and the two of them meet up again with the hero acting all high and mighty to the heroine because she has a job. I will point out that it's an well paid job: interior designer at a company. I can't understand the hero because the heroine told him that the father of the child was him then and now. She didn't ask for any child support during those four years. Why, doesn't the hero think it over? The hero is such a jerk for taking advantage of the work situation. Not only that, the hero is being a jerk with the heroine outside of work. When she is sitting with a male friend, the hero acts like he doesn't care, but has the attitude that she is still his. He is just harsh, making up theories on how the heroine wanted to get his money. The only thing that seems to be a compliment is the fact that he knew how long they were dating for: 3 months, 2 days, 9 hours, and 30 minutes. The hero then says something rude and the heroine gives him a slap (thank goodness) and leaves. But the heroine comes back again and has sex with him. Really?! After that, not good. It's only when the hero sees pictures of the boy that he realizes that the child is actually his son. Wow. What I find most surprising is that after men get vasectomies, they never check after a couple months to see if they are still fertile. The hero goes after hero and child. He acts okay with them, then once the child goes to sleep. It all goes wrong. I did like that the words, "I'm sorry" were used but the hero insists that the heroine and him get married and uses her company as blackmail on the heroine's theory of saying no. Wow, really man. You threw her out and have been a total creep since and now. Every heard the term, woo or court? The hero even spreads it around that they are getting married without the heroine's permission and then says to the heroine that she has no choice. What's worse is the heroine having to learn of the hero's family health condition from reporters and not from the horse's mouth. It give the hero a good reason to get a vasectomy. It seems like a nice moment but the heroine says that its not the hero's fault for not telling her. Wrong! It is. The next cute moment is when they talk about the child. Then it goes south when the hero talks talking about the wedding like its a business deal. The hero forces a kiss on her and there heroine doesn't like it, which of course makes the hero feel mad. Next, the hero has the heroine buy a weeding dress as a way of making up past mistakes. Hmmm. I think that the better way of amending past mistakes is acting nicer to the heroine. The heroine is just trying to be supportive to the hero when he goes for a another surgery. The heroine tries again, but the hero shuts the door in her face. In the negative brownie points. It's only after the wedding that the heroine blows a gasket. she evens says the words, " You said that our wedding was just temporary, " which of course is what the hero said to her. Then the hero says, "If I hadn't phrased it that way, you would have never agreed to marry me. And not for the disease, I would have proposed four years ago." Okay There are two things wrong with that. The first sentence is wrong but he knows what he said was wrong and didn't apologize for it. He never tried to work at gaining her trust but made it easier to thin that he was a total jerk. The second sentence is wrong because he had a chance to tell her that he had a hereditary disease. He had a chance to mention that he had a vasectomy. He just screwed up. The ending was quite, but the hero was not good and the heroine had some strong points but giving into the man who was a jerk is not cool.

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