Seasonal Romance-Christmas THE CHRISTMAS NIGHT MIRACLE

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Meg had her baby without her parents’ blessings and distanced herself from her family. Then while driving home on Christmas, she ends up in an accident. The person who comes to her rescue is a man named Jed—handsome, but not all that nice. The following morning, he takes her to her house, where she finds out that he is a celebrity. Her family seems rather impressed that Meg knows someone so famous… But when Jed abruptly falls silent, Meg wonders whathe could be thinking.

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A feel good story 4  4

This is a really great story. The drama is easy to understand and relate to. The issues within this story are realistic issues not forced issues and the romance is really great. The only issue is that it really seemed to stop abruptly. We don't know if everything went well between the lead and her sister when she wanted to formally adopt. Plus the romance really seemed to have just blossomed. I'm assuming the novel goes further into the story. Looks like I'll have to check it out to find out more. At any rate though it was a great manga and I'm sure other readers would enjoy it as well.

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Love the late 20's 3  3

The plot was a bit interesting even if the heroine was a bit jumpy. The hero and heroine meet when the heroine's car crashes into a wall near the hero's cottage. The hero comes out and makes sure both heroine and her child are okay, which is nice and gives them a place to stay. He does berate the heroine for using a car when its snowing so heavily, but the heroine responds that the it wasn't snowing when they left. We also learn that the heroine's family and her are distant by the phone call the heroine makes to let them know that they are late to luncheon because of a crash. I shared the hero's distaste on the family not caring if the heroine and child were safe. Then the heroine starts laughing uncontrollably, which causes the hero to shake and I don't blame him for it. One of the things that I liked about this story is the heroine is 27 years old. She is not one of the usual 19-21 year old heroines who get pregnant and stuck. She has a career and is a single mom. She is doing pretty good. I liked how the heroine responded when the hero made the statement that he wouldn't slept with a teenage mother. She did have a right to get mad at him. Though, that does mean that she looks younger than she appears. I love how the hero is sweet to the child, even playing with him in the snow. I do admit that the hero didn't make a smart choice of not leaving a note to the heroine that they were going to be outside playing. It's no wonder that the heroine was so hysterical when she found them. The way the heroine talks about her family last talk makes it seem that they don't care about her opinion. I do like how the hero decides to stay with them, but his choice of words like, "I'm not missing this," makes it seem that he wanted to watch a real-live drama then help the heroine. The mother of the heroine acts like a real stiff. Unlike her husband who welcomes his daughter with open arms, her arms are crossed. It made me wonder why the father who seems so nice would not contact his daughter for the last three years. The hero is able to realize the situation and berates the mother alone with the heroine. The twin sister of the heroine acts a bit like a snob. When she came up with the question: "How do you know the hero?" because the hero is a famous author. I was so glad that the father shut her down. The hero is being supportive and is attractive to the heroine but the heroine doesn't want him. The sister comes by and they suddenly make up, but I still think that her attitude was a too much at the dinner. I like how the hero is playing Santa Claus, so cute. I did like the snow sled scene it was cute and we learn that all the females in the story are complicated as well as there are little things that show the heroine that she is loved but to me, their actions by objects weren't enough by their attitudes. I think that one of the most cutest scenes was the little boy giving his grandmother a present that he made in school. Its so adorable. The mother tells the girls the reason of why she is so cold, however, to me, that wasn't a reason for not contacting her daughter for three years. It was a bit of a lame excuse. I did love the ending because it was sweet.

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