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Eve gets dragged into an armed conflict deep in the jungle, escorted by field unit major Wade O'Mara. Wade is strong, and he shields her from the terrors of war. I want to know more about you, Eve thinks. She's known nothing of love before this, but now she begins to feel that passionate emotion for the first time in her life. "If I'm with you, even a battlefield can be Eden..."

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what a refreshing plot 5  5

Well this was different. Usually I would be the first to call out that its a bridge suspension effect. But the characters do seem to have a reason to fall for each other. I really like how Wade held back and how selfless Eve is in the entire story. They both deserve to be happy.

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jungle fever 4  4

The story starts out with the heroine helping war refugees escape and sacrifice a spot for someone else. The hero stays with her and scolds her for staying. They work together and pack. The hero is there because her fiancee left her for her sister and to get over it, she goes off as a volunteer. I don't blame her. So, the hero and the heroine are traveling through the jungle. The hero judges the heroine for being a high socialite british woman ( though she is). It was a bit much. I like how the heroine saves the hero from a few enemy bullet. It was interesting to watch how she was responded after the shooting. It did find it fascinating of the heroine's reaction when she saw her face in the mirror. I did like the seeing the point of view of the hero in some of the parts. I felt so sorry for the heroine when the hero told her that the boy in the picture was his son and that he was married. Getting jilted by one man and having another man you fell for but is married is tough. The hero and heroine end up in a scary situation, which causes the heroine to ask the hero to hold her, make love to her, and such. They argue and the heroine realizes that the hero has a wife and child and it keeps breaking her heart. They reach safety but when the heroine hears news that the helicopter was shot down and everyone died, she goes into a shock and fever for two weeks. She wakes up with no memory of the last six months. The heroine starts gaining pieces of her memory back. Fast forward probably about 8 months or more because when she woke up, the sister was visibly pregnant by at least 5 to 6 months and she received a post card that talked about her niece, which at least 4 months have passed. The hero comes sees the heroine again and asks her to come live with him. He also reveals that he is not married and the boy is the son of a friend of his that died. I did like that the reason why the hero lied was because the heroine was in a dangerous situation and he didn't want to take advantage of her fear. To me, it felt that the hero took his time on meeting the heroine.

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