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Olivia looks for her sister at the hometown airport she left behind fifteen years ago only to find the last person she wanted to see—her ex-husband, Joel, whom she'd divorced when they were both too young, poor and proud for commitment. Now that they're both adults, Olivia can't help but notice what an attractive and mature man he's become...and she's filled with regret. On top of that, the two are unable to rekindle their love because of a secret from their past...

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They didn't believe her 3  3

I wasn't too keen on the title but considering how the story went, it fits. It's quite heartbreaking because of how it went for the heroine. I will give major spoilers and ruin the story for readers, I'm sorry but I have to. So, the heroine comes back home for the first time in fifteen years after a nasty rumor that nobody except her sister. It's a really tough thing for her because of what happened fifteen years ago. It's something that we work through the story that keeps us guessing, wondering, and figuring out as the heroine spends more and more time at home. The hero and heroine meet again having gone through the 2nd divorce. They hold a lot of pain towards one another and it's a time for forgiveness and love to come into this story. The heroine learns that the hero married the college student who had a major crush on him and they had a child but they divorced. The heroine also reconnects with her father who regretted his no contact with the heroine but he was too prideful to reply to her letters. We later discover on that the heroine and hero married when they were teenagers and the heroine became pregnant. However, the heroine was frightened from being a young and newlywed wife as well as a mother to be. The hero was out of town mostly with the heroine's father and the heroine's sister was living her own life. So, the heroine felt scared and set up an appointment for an abortion but she never went through it. However, she suffered a miscarriage but news of her setting up the appointment but not cancelling reach the hero's ears. So, he doesn't believe her when he tells her the truth and everyone soon knows. It was looked down upon and the heroine left. We learn that the hero's second ex-wife that she knew about the heroine setting up and cancelling the appointment from a relative who worked there and she wanted the hero so badly at the time that she told him. She tells the heroine because she nows how badly she ruined the heroine's life and the hero's and apologizes to the heroine. The heroine forgives her because she knows that the hero should have believed her but he didn't. We move on to the hero running after the heroine and apologizing for not believing her, not being there for her at the time, and that she has been the only woman he ever loved. He asked the heroine to marry him and she agrees.

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