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Six years ago, Judith, an aristocrat from an old, noble house, tearfully left her first love, Dan. In order to stop her stepmother from spreading rumors that Dan was an orphan from the slums and to protect his honor, she had no choice but to abandon him. Now she's twenty-five and has chosen to marry a man other than Dan. Getting married is her only chance to escape the terrible years-long abuse from her stepmother. But with the ceremony close at hand, Dan suddenly appears—she cannot believe her eyes! This is a spin-off story starring Dan, who was a side character in The Love Child.

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Honeyed truth and the vinegar truth 5  5

The hero has come back recently from his "study abroad" of five years and sent his blue prints to the British navy in hopes they'll take his ideas and pay him a fortune to build. He comes home to many smiles but there's one that's bittersweet. It's his former first love who dumped him but everyone knew why. When they were teenagers, they fell in love but the heroine's wicked stepmother didn't like it and spread awful rumors about the hero that took root in snobbish people's heads. The heroine couldn't bear to watch someone she loved suffer and broke it off with him. For a time, the hero did hate her but he had also come to realize that she did it to protect him. Now, he's come home to find she's engaged to be married. The future husband is some sort of radical pastor who's as flamboyant as a soap opera actor in his speech but it works in capturing the attention of the masses as well as scaring the wits out of them with hell-fire and brimstone. Only a few individuals like the hero's sister and her friend can sense there's something wrong with the man and get their husbands involved in figuring out the true man. Frankly, their angles of investigation were good but if it were me then I would have gone to one of his heads of religion, starting with the big two of protestant and catholic, see what information they have on the man before he became a pastor. What's more interesting is the heroine is marrying the man who is an acquaintance of her stepmother. The reader themselves can see there's something going wrong but no one can blame the heroine for wanting to get out of the house so badly. The woman is a vicious creature who needs a good high society public slap. She does nothing but spout vileness at the heroine for silly things like going outside. Luckily for her, the heroine focuses so much on guard against the mother that she doesn't see the back stab from the pastor who's in cahoots with the mother to steal her recently inherited fortune. Even though it never occurred to her since he's the stepmother's friend. The pastor himself is a wolf in sheepskin who's crawled his ways out of the gutter through any means necessary like hiring to kill the parts of his past that would expose him. Plus, he's got side piece that he abuses to stay by his side and obey his every word. Towards the end, the heroine sees the pastor beating a boy badly and it ends there.

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