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Judith is being tricked! And Dan has lost his patience. Six years ago, Judith was ripped away from her lover because of their different social statuses and now she's going to marry a man who is only after her money. That man, Truscott, suddenly gained recognition as a reverend in London about two years ago, but his life before then is wrapped in mystery. Dan needs to find proof of Truscott's frightening hidden side by investigating him, but...danger lurks. This is a spin-off story starring Dan, who was a side character in The Love Child.

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Honeyed words and vinegar truth 4  4

We start after the heroine catches the pastor beating the boy and calls him out. He pulls one of the best acting of faking amnesia and stuff. It's so bad and good at the same time that the heroine actually believes in his words but she later on reflects if it's true or not. She wants to find out the truth but this is where I feel why people didn't give this one a five star; she doesn't. She doesn't employ her maid to find the boy or go to her friends for help. She just goes along with the wedding, believing the man's lies to the end (boy does he lie). During this time, the hero and his allies are working tirelessly to find out the man behind the pastor's mask. The hero is desperate to save the heroine even has a marriage certificate filled out for them but she rejects the whole thing. It's like the stepmother, it only pushes her harder to do the things she doesn't want. The pastor is struggling to keep his present and past separated and satisfied but control is slipping out of his fingers. So, he dirties his own hands by killing one of the major pieces. He thinks that he's buried it but Karma bites him back hard. On the day of the wedding, his past comes to light with his mother, his lover, and the man who he thought he killed (was rescued by one of the hero's friend's allies) reveal his true nature. It delays the wedding and he grabs the heroine as his hostage. Thankfully, the hero is there to remind her what to do. She escapes the man's grip and ends up in the hero's arms. The pastor is killed and the hero takes her away from public eyes. Once they're alone in the carriage, the heroine apologizes for not believing the hero and taking the pastor's word for it. He opens about wanting to make a new life together with surprise that the navy want to buy his blueprints. In the end, the right people are arrested, the step mother is chased out of London by the "promises" of one of the hero's allies, the pastor's ex-lover becomes a maid, and the hero and heroine get married.

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