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Aspiring doctor Emily returns to her hometown to spend time with her ailing grandmother, Beabea, her only family in the world. Beabea's worsening illness means their time together is dwindling... With sadness in her heart, Emily takes her sorrows to the shore, where she spots a beautiful man, Zayed, drenched in the evening's sunlight. She's shocked to learn that he is a member of an elite foreign family, and none other than her new boss at the hospital! She finds herself drawn to him, despite his complicated past and the demons that plague his heart...

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not too bad 3  3

The heroine, a doctor has recently come home to spend time with her grandma in her remaining days. She meets her boss/hero who turns out to be the very man she saw in the waves. She makes a positive (on the hero with her skills)impression and a negative (unintentional rival to secretary on the hunt for a doctor husband) impression. Next, the secretary leaves because the hero crushed her dream of rich doctor=rich husband by firing since he pays out of his own pocket for his clients' treatments. The two start getting closer with the hero visiting the heroine's grandma and the heroine visiting the hero's large family. Later, the hero gets uncomfortable with the heroine's words of praise and comfort that he confesses his pain. Apparently, he was a married man with a child who took his family to a ceremony despite there being a terrorist warning. A bombing happened and the hero lost his family and gained a hurt leg. The sad part the bombing was his uncle's doing because he didn't like the hero's idea of making centers for the sick. The heroine's response was actually a pretty good one; it's wasn't the take to bed but telling him the best way to get back at them is the show his success of his work. Then the heroine's grandma dies and the hero finally is able to move on through a high risk rescue. He asks the heroine to marry him and she find it funny given their current situation as a funny place. He takes her to a romantic desert location where the scene of everything gets it up. For me, I agreed with Casandra on this because that was just too much information for me. I felt it was unneeded because we didn't know it beforehand and it ruined the setting. Although, the hero and heroine don't seem to mind much and we end it with them wrapping themselves around each other. It was a nice ending but I felt there could have been more.

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okay... 2  2

I had a hard time with this title. For one the pacing seems okay in the beginning, but by middle of the manga, it really starts going bad. It does a couple awkward jumps in story that are very noticeable even to those like me who have not read it's novel counterpart. It's not the worst offender of pacing issues in Harlequin manga but it's definitely got the problem so I needed to mention it. Still, I feel compelled to say, like I always do when I mention pacing issues, that I understand that it is very hard to fit a novel . into a 1 vol. manga and have the story flow well. My other issues are more pet peeves about the story's characters and content and so they are more personal issues and not ones which everyone would agree with. First... the female lead has stalkerish tendencies which always bothers me when I see. It's not wrong to admire what's right in front of you. However to come to a spicific place to see that man many times while hiding so he doesn't know you're obsessing is creepy. The last issue is that the man had issues since he was in a bombing and for a while I thought they were hinting to the fact that he couldn't have kids... when in fact it seemed they were hinting at the fact that he couldn't get it up... though this is a unique issue for a harlequin... I was not a fan. At the very end though, the creators decide to make it so that the Doctor was wrong with his diagnosis which I guess made it a bit better. Overall, the art is good but the characters and story was lacking so I gave it 2 stars.

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