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Flora Harris is a bookish nurse on a small island, but when a new doctor comes to her practice, the whole community is thrown into an uproar! Conner McNeil may be brusque on the outside, but it's thanks to years of being tempered by hatred and pain from his father. A rebel in his youth, Conner ravaged the town in his teenage years, only to come back as an experienced doctor. Can Flora help mend the community around this dashing rogue?

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seeing beyond the face 4  4

The hero was the problem child on a small little island that everyone had a negative opinion on. Sadly, nobody knew that he was a child deprived of love from a mother who abandoned him and a father who abused him. The heroine is no different and at first shares everyone's negative opinion of him coming back after so many years and gets the shock of her life when she learns that he's the doctor they requested. The heroine sees the beyond the rugged and rough persona is a person who needs love. She also sees the unfair treatment that the villagers have placed on him because of his troubled nature as a teenager and while I can understand if you would feel cautious with a kid who seemed to blow up a lot of places around the island but nobody seemed to make a move to help him. The hero few patients that do see him are amazed by his skills as a doctor and start to change their opinion. The heroine doesn't stop from spending time with the hero outside of work and sticks up for him when people start talking bad about him. They start crossing over the line from friends to something more intimate but the hero stops because he doesn't want the heroine to be subject of bad rumors because she associates with him. The hero tries to scare her off but it doesn't and she goes to his place with an overcoat covering her negligee. She seduces him into a hot night that he happily goes along with but he has her leave early the next morning, so she won't be seen by nosy neighbors. They start this late night and leave early activity that goes on for a month along with other things like picnics but with it being a small island and curious neighbors, people start guessing on who is the hero seeing. The hero starts to stop their relationship because he believes the heroine deserves better than him and he's not a family man. What I like is that the heroine doesn't take his decision and goes to see him at the popular eatery that everyone occupies. She goes right up to him and gives him a passionate kiss for all to see. Then she tells everyone in a loud voice that the hero and her have been seeing each other and she's totally in love with him, which she say when standing on a chair. Everyone cheers them on and the hero sees that the people care about him and it gives him the courage to ask the heroine to marry him. The heroine says yes and we get a happily ever after.

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Good girl meets badboy 5  5

I love it! Its a bit cliche considering the plot but my goodness, Conner is awesome. Misunderstood most of his life, rough childhood but has a heart of gold. Flora on the otherhand, was your bookworm simple girl who appears to be Connor's exact opposite in terms of reputation. It was a very enjoyable manga. The humour of this manga is very nice too alongside the romance. One of my favourite bits is Conner's conversations with the old patients. One of the best Ive read in harlequin.

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