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Christina's content with her life running a flower shop and coaching girls’ soccer, but when Rafael Rocchi offers her a lift to a mutual friend's wedding, she soon realizes that she's fallen in love with a man who has no interest in such things. Rafael would be better suited to a tall, thin, glamorous woman, not her. When Rafael proposes marriage, is it true love, or has he just found a suitable bride who won't cause him any trouble?

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curvy is good 4  4

The heroine is not your average or normal slim girl who never had gained a pound overweight but a girl with shortness and generous curves. The hero and heroine meet by coincidence since they are both heading to the hero's mother's big party and after her rag tag appearance is noticed, he helps her get another dress. After the party, the hero's mother suggests that he marries the heroine because of what a wonderful girl but he states that he prefers a tall and thin model to a curvy soccer coach/florist. They meet again when the hero is at the heroine's florist shop to send a woman break up flowers and the go to lunch to discuss a difference of opinion to relationships. The heroine it's stops here but he keeps coming to see her and she learns more about him and the sad past of his marriage to his old adulteress and money grubbing wife. The whole experience made him believe that love is a disillusion and he'll never marry for love. Yet, he brings up the idea that he might be the heroine's soulmate when she talks about soul mates. That night, they have a very hot night and begin a relationship that goes on for 3 months. Then the hero says they should get married and the heroine thinks it's because they're in love, only to learn the sad truth that the hero puts their marriage down as one of convenience. Even after rejecting his proposal, they still have coitus but she still says no to the marriage. After that, the two throw themselves into work to forget till six weeks later, the hero invites the heroine to one of his parties to show her that he's doing fine. However, two can play at that game and the heroine has eyes turning towards her. The hero is green with jealousy, says some negative things and goes as far as to cancel the heroine's date with a client who he thinks is more and goes to her apartment to convince in his own manner but their conversation goes south with the heroine slapping the hero and ordering him out of her apartment. The whole incident has her take a vacation in the countryside. As she comes home, she finds the hero in her bathrobe. The hero wants to talk with the heroine one more time and although she doesn't listen to him, she starts when he admits that he was jealous of the other man He apologizes for his rude behavior and cruel words and that he never knew how much the heroine meant to him till she left him. He asks her to marry him for real with love in the mix. His words reach her and she accepts his proposal. It was really a romantic ending with a wedding and everything.

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So Worth the Money 5  5

I love this so much. I wasn't sure what to think of the Rafael when he was in the party and all the women flocked to him. I just thought this was going to be the same playboy rich guy scene. But he had some depth into his back story and why he is who he is today. Christina has her own life. she is the typical heroine who has the job she loves and a full day of things to do yet still waiting for Mr. Right to show up. At first I thought this would be boring, but after their first date went better than either of them thought, some mis-understandings of their relationship and a few jealous moments with other people, things were getting interesting by the page. Really enjoyed the the second half of the story, a really good emotional reconciliation scene and epilogue. I don't mind it being only 129 pages. It's worth every page read.

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