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Someday...the prince in my dreams will... Everyone's favorite radio DJ—Lauren—dreams of a fairy-tale life with a kind, honest man. However, in reality, there is no such man, and she knows it. She is affectionately called "Miss Lonely Hearts" by the listeners of her radio show. When she is introduced to the president of a record company, Jack Montrose, he takes her breath away. "He is the perfect prince!" But this was the most attractive bachelor in Detroit...a real playboy who never stays with the same thing for more than six months...not a house, not a car, not a woman.

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becky's comment - June 12th, 2015

This is a love story about a radio DJ and playboy. Hero is a playboy, he loves heroine at the first sight. Though they both love each other, hero can't promise for their future to heroine, and this makes heroine anxious. The way how hero shows his love to heroine is also impressive.

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Good Story 3  3

Overall I liked this story. I identified with the male lead more than the female lead though.

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A new career 5  5

In a lot of stores, there have been few stories there the heroine has an interesting and new profession as well as a good coworker. The heroine is a DJ for a certain time period based on love advice. I like how the hero's brother warns the hero not to treat the heroine like his other women and have the hero listen to her sessions on the radio before trying to make a move. The hero does listen and asks the heroine out. I liked the fact that the heroine isn't the virgin type because that gets old. The personalities of both hero and heroine are good because the hero is blunt to the point of telling the heroine that he does want to her naked and the heroine handles the new situation bluntly and flawless too. I like that they don't have sex within the first thirty pages of the story and the hero starts courting bye heroine with flowers. It's sweet. I like that they learned new things about each other before sex and doing activities. For example, they went snow walking. What makes it good is the fact that then hero is a good cook. The bed scene was even more interesting and the fact that the heroine is around thirty years old is a relief from the usual early twenties. I liked how both of their faults are open and they both acknowledge them. It's pretty funny that the brother interrupts the sex scene. The hardest part was the scene where the heroine tells the hero that she loves him but he doesn't say anything. It's typical obstacle in these stories. What I love is the brother being the fairy godfather or brother in this case to the hero. I especially love the ending because of how the hero proclaims his love to the heroine. A good novel to read.

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