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While at an engagement party she has no interest in, Whitney Lawford finds a place to wait out the night. It’s a quiet bedroom away from the hubbub, so she decides to take a nap. When she wakes up, she’s lying next to a man she doesn’t know. He turns out to be the groom, Sloan Illingsworth. When his fiancé finds them together, she calls the engagement off. Having promised his mother he would marry, Sloan tells Whitney she will have to become his fiancé. Can Whitney, a woman who likes to play it safe, finally find love in this crazy situation?

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nobody wants find out that 4  4

Casandra was right about the book, it had an interesting beginning with the hero and heroine falling asleep in the same bed with the hero's fiancee coming in on. That is always fun to do. The heroine has some baggage from having a philandering father and a boyfriend whom she found out was married with children. The hero lies to the heroine about wanting her to be his fake fiancee for his hospitalized mother( who's living the good life in Florida, U.S.A). Now, this story would have received a five from me if the hero hadn't made up the lie, I can't get it through my head of why the hero would do and his reason is: so the heroine won't turn him down. Really? I don't blame the heroine for being mad but frankly, I'm surprised that she let the pregnancy slip out. All in all, it was a good book to read.

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Cute Story 4  4

This was a good read. It had a pretty corny ending... but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I get irritated when the lead female refuses to listen to what she actually really wants to hear from the lead male. The lead female in this one does have that issue of refusing to listen for a short while but it wasn't overly dramatized. I was a bit confused about one thing though. Was the Lead male's lie about his mother the only thing he lied about? cause he seemed to have lied one other time as well. To me it seemed like he jumped into bed with her while she was passed out strategically to get rid of his fiance but then allowed her to take the blame for it. After all, how could you not notice a man laying there when you lay down... she noticed the interior decoration of the room but not the man laying there inside? That's unlikely. Still he did treat her well after that and obviously fell for her. Overall, I enjoyed the story quite a bit. They could have toned down the corny ending but in a way that was satisfying too.

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