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Abby, a stylist for Finess fashion magazine, has the opportunity to visit the Whitsunday Islands on a photoshoot that, if successful, could launch her career into the big leagues of high fashion. She can't wait to get started, until she finds that the photographer for the project is none other than her best friend from high school, Judd, who's been traveling the world as a wildlife photographer. A painful memory from their shared past makes her almost too anxious to work. Why did he have to show up now, just when she's finally started to get over what happened between them...?

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nice 4  4

I m satisfied with the book. Still recommended. I just feel a bit disturb by the hero kisses but never explained to the heroine about its meaning rather then just say sorry and left. So it left the heroine felt confused. Anybody will get confuse by that, they are best friend but 2 passionate kisses? In fact it was the heroine who confirmed about her feeling first toward their questionable relationship. But unfortunately they didnt discuss it well so it ended up just like a temporary ones. I expected the hero first to bring the subject but it was another way around. When the heroine admitted that she wants someone to stay, i think it was based on the fact that the hero always leave her with questions. She fears the feeling. She's afraid the hero will leave anytime he likes without considering her feeling again just like the last time, while they have already had a relationshiop much different that previous ones. It's a normal situation in my opinion to have that kind of thinking after what she's been through. I m glad the hero decides to stay to prove his love. In my opinion it's not like he's sacrificing his dream cos he had his dream quite long time after their first kiss. Now it's time for him to get his dream to be with the woman he loves. I like the fact that he tried to explain and apologize as well. So i do like this book

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cute but somewhat irritating 3  3

This manga was drawn and written well. My only issues with it are personal ones and one of them is the same type of issue I have had with many other harlequin manga and that is the stupid assumptions. The lead female starts off making stupid assumptions and continues on throughout the book. There are 2 other issues I don't often complain about in harlequin too. The lesser of the 2 issues is that the lead female pretends she is friends with the male lead but shows over and over that she doesn't think of him as a friend at all. She says she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. However, their friendship was forced and fake anyways. Lastly, and this is the biggest issue, she forces him to give up his dream as well as who he is when he decides to be honest about his feelings for her. That's down right selfish and horrible. Still regardless of all these things I gave the harlequin a 3/5 stars. It had really good art and there were some things I genuinely liked such as the banter between the 2 leads early on.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5  5

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