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Stricken with financial disaster, Claudia has no choice but to sell her family’s hotel. However, Claudia is dumbstruck upon seeing the businessman who shows up to consider the purchase. It’s Adam, the man who stole her heart and then crushed it six years earlier. What will happen, she wonders, if he finds out her daughter is his, too? While fearing every passing moment she spends with Adam, Claudia’s heart still aches when faced with his debonair charm…

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Misunderstanding 3  3

The hero and heroine met when the hero came as a labor worker for her dad. They were in a passionate romance till the heroine saw the hero running out of her stepmother’s room with the stepmother stating he was fired and all. The stepmother told her the hero tried to sleep with her(false, vice versa) and the heroine believes her words. Next, the heroine finds out she’s pregnant but doesn’t want to be with a man who cheated on her. So, she dumps the hero coldly, proclaiming how she’s found a better man than him. She unknowingly breaks his heart and he disappears from her sight. Then she marries her father’s trusted accountant, twelve years her senior who persuades her into marriage since he can’t have children and she needs to hide her unplanned pregnancy from her dad. She marries him and everything should be fine from now. Wrong! It turns out the man was in an affair with the stepmother and were slowly pooling the business’s coffers into their little nest egg till they could run off. Their plan works, except they die in a car accident during their elopement. The discovery caused the father a serious shock and the hotel is now in dire straits with the heroine running out of options. Then a potential helper comes but it’s the hero much to the heroine’s surprise. He sees from one look of the heroine’s little girl that she’s his daughter. He plays hardball in pushing the heroine into marriage for their kid, even telling the father who’s becomes a massive supporter. However, the two continually fight and misunderstand each other even after they get married. The hero finally asks for an explanation after he sees the missing and she tells him about her dead husband and stepmother. The hero comforts her and finds the money, meaning there’s no reason to keep their marriage going. The depressed man goes to the heroine with the news and while it does start another fight, it actually leads to our couple confessing their true feelings for each other. In the end, the hero and heroine make a fresh start in their marriage and end up having another kid.

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