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When she was seventeen years old, striving painter Jenessa heard a speech by Bryce Laribee, a young IT genius. Drawn to his talent and beauty, she boldly asked him to be her model. However, he mistook it for an invitation to the bedroom. So Jenessa was shocked when Bryce kicked her out of the bedroom! Because of this hurtful event, Jenessa hasn’t been able to forget about him, and now, nine years later, he’s shown up at her door, asking for a favor!

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I know that in this book, the reader is supposed to focus on the hero and heroine's relationship, however I kept on wanting more of the heroine's relationship between her and her parents. The heroine comes from a home of parents who divorced when she was young and chose their work over her. Now, at the age of 26, they are remarrying and they want her to come to their wedding. I understand why this girl doesn't want to go because their negligence of her caused a shut down any feelings that she wanted to open up to them. Then the hero comes in as a representative to the father, basically saying, "Hey, your Dad was involved in my life and in order to make him happy, I want you to come". Wow, what a way to tell a woman that her own father paid more attention to him than her. Understandable that he didn't know but he never pushed to see if there was an actual reason of why she didn't want to go. However, like the heroine said when she and the hero meet again, the father didn't come himself to convince, instead he sent a representative. If I wanted my child whom I have neglected most of her life to come back, I would come back myself. Now, we already know that the hero and the heroine met nine years when the heroine lied about her name but stated that she was an art student and that she wanted to sketch him. Now, I may not know the hidden lingo during that time but I doubt that asking someone to sketch them means that the asker wants to have sex. The heroine evens suggests going to a cafe but the hero goes on saying, "you want a nude model", to which the heroine replies, "but no need-" the hero cuts her off. Now, here I am thinking that after the hero finds out the heroine is a virgin and kicks her out, My thoughts are "Really?! She was suggesting a cafe to sketch and that there was no need for you to be naked but NOOOOOOOO, you just wanted to have sex." The hero doesn't see the connection till the heroine's parents pointed out the connection at their wedding. I know that a person should be positive at a wedding but I wanted the heroine to just add a comment to all the parents' words relating to their negligence and her misery. I wanted her to say no to their suggestion of seeing their art gallery show. I know that it's cruel, but I wanted to see if they truly regret it. My reason was the father's side comment of asking the hero if this was the first time that he ever talked about her other than the favor. It just shocked me because she's your only child. a side note was hating the fact that I couldn't see what the hero's thoughts were. Then we have a situation where the heroine bottles up her feelings with her parents. I am seeing this repeated pattern and I am tired. I want the heroine to just shout at not only the hero but the parents but I never get that. And it frustrates me. Not only that, but the hero and heroine are so hypocritical that it dulls my sense and I found no enjoyment in their interactions. Not even the end brought me enjoyment.

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