Historical Romance HEART OF THE HAWK 1

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Torn from her life of privilege and held in a ravaged Saxon keep, Thea Bellamy soon realized her true nature. She’d found love in the arms of her captor, Roderick, a man her reason insisted she should hate, but whom her heart could never deny!

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Someone pass the advil please...intense stockholm syndrome 2  2

This is what defiance leads to for women back in the days. Every single descision she made is under an irrational mind. First the horse. She tried to take on two strong armed men for a horse while with another young lady. She gets kidnapped and instead of presenting herself valuable she opted to shush after a kiss from some guy. Then she gives herself and surrenders. When she had the chance she decides to run back and try to save them. She mistakens lust for love even after he puts a friggin collar on her neck, called her a whore and treats her like a toy. What is going on her head?

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history bites 3  3

When a person reads history, they can find things that they don't like from racisim to massacres. This book opens up on what women were viewed as during King Lothair's time. The heroine is a single french noblewoman who I view as one of the modern women because even though she is rich, she spends her time making medicines and furthering her knowledge from speaking different languages to accounting. I am impressed. The hero is a man who once held rank but after being terribly wounded and losing favor with the king, having his lover who also gave his son to the king so the king could still have power over him, and losing his family and clan to raiders, he's got a lot on his plate. Then he proceeds to have his men steal women so they can repopulate their country. This is kidnapping, yet back then it was viewed as okay if you were a common woman, however, the heroine doesn't reveal her lineage. The hero has her kidnapped and during the scuffle, as she tries to defend herself, she wounds his cousin terribly whom she heals after the hero threatens to kill her if his cousin dies. I was ready to spit in the hero's face because you can't blame a woman trying to defend herself. Then the hero forces himself on the heroine as if its okay. After that, it really got to me that the hero was speaking in another language, calling the heroine a whore and the woman understood everything and scolded the monk who was doing the accounting on the women. I was glad to see the hero's reaction when he realized that she knew exactly what he called her. I was mad at the monk for allowing the hero to do what he pleased with the women. Then the hero treats the heroine like a leman or something and the heroine keeps secret of her birth because it would be a great dishonor to her family. When she has the chance to get away from the hero, she takes then goes back because she thinks that they will be under attack. It ends on a cliffhanger but it was a hard book to read because of the treatment of the women.

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