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Alyssa Scott has the opportunity to inherit a castle, but she must be married for six months to collect her inheritance. Dario Parisi claims that the castle belongs to his family, and will do anything to get it…even marry. With the arrangement set, the two will marry for the castle… but will they kill each other before the six months is up?

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all because of one guy 3  3

The hero and heroine are at odds with each other because of one man: the heroine's grandfather. I don't know if the man ever had a horrible childhood but whatever poison he was given early in his life, he spread tenfold in his adult life and the end of the road. The man is the one who the hero wants revenge for the pain the grandfather put upon him but will settle for the heroine because he thinks the heroine and her sister are just spoiled pampered rich girls. He has no idea of the torture they endured from the grandfather with only giving them bread and water for nourishment then imprisonment and beatings when they became his wards. The poor things wanted to get away from him and they tried but the man still has a tight lease on the two from the grave and uses the castle that the hero wants to force him to marry the heroine to make him miserable. He also withholds any money he left over from his "generous" donations to charity from his granddaughters to force the heroine to marry the hero in order to get the money to pay for her sister's life-threatening surgery. Of course, the two have no idea of each other's past, only their public titles of pampered poor girl and tyrant tycoon. Now, they marry and see a different side to each other through the staff that makes them look like kind and sensible human beings. Then the heroine meets OW at a party who states that the hero killed her father by stealing his company. The OW had no idea that it was the hero's family's company in the first place that was stolen illegally by the grandfather and her father. Plus, she didn't know about the large gambling debts that her father had acquired and couldn't pay back and killed himself. The hero has work on getting any information about the heroine because she won't give in. He learns from her that she's never been with a man till him (we know how.) and the money she's asking for in advance is for her sister's surgery. Then how she took the fall for her sister because it was her sister partying all night long since she stole her sister's id card. The hero apologizes for his insensitive comments but the heroine closes him off. The surgery goes well and with sigh of relief, the hero comforts the heroine and she reveals her abused life to him who's shocked. We think that this is a step forward in their relationship but the heroine puts up a wall the next morning. The heroine finally learns of the hero's past of losing his parents and siblings to the grandfather's taunts and greeds. So, he swore to uphold the promise that he made to his family from a young age that he would bring back the family man to better. The two have another fight that ends badly when the heroine compares the hero to the grandfather and he shuts her out. As he walks aimlessly on the beach, thinking about how he misses the heroine, he hears her warning him. He turns just in time to dodge a knife from the OW who still blames him for her father's death. They are able to help the OW without involving the police. The hero and heroine finally have a sit down and they confess their true love. The two have a proper wedding with a proper ending.

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