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Is she "Cari" or "Cary"? One of them is the girl who Max Angeli was planning to meet for dinner. The other is the girl with whom he ends up wandering the dangerous streets of Dallas late at night with an infant in tow. Cari Christiansen finds herself attracted to this mysterious Italian Texan, but the battles facing the pair might be more spaghetti Western than romantic comedy...

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This story oozed 'cute' 4  4

SPOILERS: Its a story that has a couple nice twists. In a nutshell, the hero and heroine's have been set up with blind dates and they'll know their partner because they'll be carrying a red rose. It works exactly as planned. The rich hero, with his red rose, finds the working class heroine, with her red rose, and even calls her by name, but an urgent matter has changed his priorities. He apologizes and calls off the date, only to feel guilty at leaving her bewildered and alone so asks if she wants to come with and they can do something after his task. She agrees, and on her way out she sees another guy coming in with a red rose. Yep. It turns out they weren't the only couple using roses to find their dates and, conveniently, both ladies have a name in common, albeit different place in the string. The hero's urgent matter puts a rush on things and any other introductions get skipped as the urgent matter turns out to be a baby. It’s the son of the hero's late brother who it would seem has been abandoned by its mother, and the heroine tagging along turns out to be a godsend as neither the hero nor his assistant have a clue what to do with a baby. This becomes an adventure as the hero and heroine managed to get stranded on the questionable side of town without their phones when the hero's car is stolen, but they survive and alls well that ends well. By the time the evening ended, they had figured out they weren't each others dates, so new dates with the proper people are arranged. That takes a turn, however, when they just happen to run each other again, on their new dates with the right person this time, and the hero forces it to become a double date so he can ask the heroine about child care. Its here we learn the hero's date is an unapologetic gold digger and she has a ranch the hero wants. Marriage is the only way he will get it, but its pretty obvious there is chemistry in the original accidental pairings. The baby continues to be the means to draw the hero and heroine together as the hero talks her into taking time off work to teach him how to care for the babe, and the chemistry continues to grow in spite of the heroine dragging her feet every step of the way. She knows the hero needing her is temporary and she's been through a bad relationship already. She's in no hurry to repeat the experience, but every time she compares the hero to her late husband, she keeps seeing how they are different. The hero is rather straight forward about his intent to marry the OW as well, despite his growing chemistry with the heroine, and this was one of the pleasant twists. Despite the OW's blatantly gold digger motives, her rivalry with the heroine never gets malicious, which was rather refreshing. The other nice twist is that even though they have opportunities, the hero and heroine never go too far. They ARE tempted, but the heroine or fate always intervenes, so no BBV (Bed Before Vows). I'll leave the growth part alone as part of the fun is seeing both relationships evolve in spite of their actual intentions, but when all is said and done and fate of the child is finalized, the heroine feels her part is finished and goes back to her job waitressing and the hero doesn’t chase her… right away. The hero's mother comes to eat at her diner, and the very shortly after the hero pops in to catch her up on his mom, the baby, her rival, and the ranch. It all wraps up with the hero ‘tipping’ her a wedding ring and dropping to a knee for his proposal. The last page is the wedding, and even the OW is happily involved.

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Decent Harlequin 3  3

This one was decent. The art was fair. The characters were pretty good and the story had it's good points. Out of all the harlequin I've read I'd rate it as slightly below average. The reason being there was some pacing issues with the story. I thought a couple times that some pages were missing since it went so abruptly to another scene without finishing a thought. The other issue is some of the speech seemed off. I don't know if it was a translation issue or what. But in a couple places what the characters said seemed off. Other than those 2 issues though I really liked the story.

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