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Leo Makarios, the head of the Makarios Company, is in a bit of a bind. He's got proof that Anna Delane stole a precious piece of jewelry from one of her many model shoots... Or did she? He offers Anna an ultimatum: stay with him, and the police needn’t find out about her theft. While Anna's used to taking direction from photographers, can she put up with the sexual demands of a man who holds her future in his hands, who’s able to dash it with a simple call to the police?

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Definitely smart 4  4

The hero meets the heroine when she's fighting with the photographer. She's the shield, the stop sign, the voice, and the woman who reads the fine print of any documents for a modeling job as to what the model will do. So, she's voicing her disapproval over the photographer's pressure to have the models grope each other because it's not in the job description. The hero sides with her and finds himself wanting her. During this time, the heroine becomes one of the counselor to a model who found out she's pregnant and the father is a wealthy oppressive man. The heroine can relate because she was used by a rich man and it's one of the reason why she's hostile to the hero. When he pulls her in for a kiss, she slaps him hard and states she won't be with him no matter what he offers. Fortunately, the ball is thrown in the hero's way thanks to the frightened other model. The heroine finds the woman stole one of the bracelets in order to help her disappear from her aggressive lover. The heroine is able to convince her to put it back but she ends up trying to do it herself. That's where she gets caught by the hero who thinks she stole it. She lies in effort to protect the other model and he strikes up the whole mistress deal. He has them set off for the Caribbean for their affair. They have passionate coitus but they're quite distant. The heroine has a tough time dealing with her since she doesn't repent or hold any conversations with him. The heroine is standoffish since she knows the relationship isn't going to last. However, they do start talking and learning more about each other from the heroine hating her job but chose it because it was better then working at the cookie factory in her hometown. She learns about the hero's lack of human connection from childhood and his parents only paid attention to him when he started making money. They actually start spending time out of the bedroom with surfing and such. They even come up with an agreement that the hero won't touch the heroine unless she initiates. Although, it's hard for both parties to keep their hands off each other. It leads to argument that ends coldly. The next day, the heroine is kidnapped by the oppressive boyfriend's henchmen who wants the location of the girlfriend. The heroine has no idea but the hero manages to rescue her in time but gets hurt in the crossfire. Seeing the hero wounded puts the heroine through the ringer but he pulls through. When he wakes up, the heroine apologizes for all the things she said. She reveals why she was kidnapped and the identity of the real thief. The hero becomes upset with himself but the two make up with each other. When he's out of the hospital, he proposes to the heroine on the beach and she accepts. We skip to the heroine and hero's married life where they reveal the other model settled safely and moving on in their lives.

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There's a first for everything 5  5

This is one of the first times I have actually enjoyed the female lead's character in a harlequin so thoroughly. I'm usually pretty hard to impress in this way, This lead female is beautiful, strong, has good morals, cares for and defends the people she likes, doesn't look for a man to save her... ect. she is almost complete perfection. I didn't feel the male lead was worthy of her in the beginning but as time went on he grew on me. The story overall was good. I'd suggest this one wholeheartedly. I'll happily read it again sometime.

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