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Talented businesswoman Sunny came to Las Vegas to attend a work conference together with her fiancé, Derek. However, after Derek spends all of his time at the casino, Sunny returns his engagement ring. Moments later, she’s invited out by the company’s CEO, Bryce Templar. To think the multimillionaire playboy who frequents the headlines would ask her out to dinner! After a night of dreamlike hospitality ending in a passionate kiss, Sunny opens her heart to Bryce. Little does she know, it’s all just a part of his devious trap!

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speed of light 3  3

This story just going so fast, I felt dizzy. The story starts off with the hero looking for a bride because his father wants him to marry before a certain date otherwise, the company will go to incompetent relatives. The hero and the heroine meet in las Vegas but the heroine is already in engaged, although the fiancee of the heroine has been in the casino since day one and not really paying attention to his future wife. The hero has a woman ready to be his bride until the heroine. The hero spots her and likes her but backs off at the ring on the finger till he sees her take the ring off and giving it to the man. Apparently, the fiancee of the heroine has been skipping meetings to go to the casino and such. She gives him back the ring and instead of demanding she put it back on, he takes it pay off his debt with the word, "If you say so". Wow, if the woman is giving back your engagement ring, there's usually another meaning for it. The hero sees the whole thing and goes after the heroine. They spend the evening talking, I found it interesting that the hero didn't care of being the rebound man. I felt that there were some brownie points lost to the heroine who so quickly let herself be taken by another man in bed when it hasn't been a full day since her engagement was broke. Then the morning after, the hero says to the heroine that they should get married and that marriage isn't based on how long you've known a person. That's true, but marriage is a serious matter that shouldn't be taken lightly. What had me rubbing my temple was not thirty seconds after asking the heroine to become his wife, he starts talking about wanting kids with her. Too fast, a marriage is between two people, not three or four. The hero finds out that the ex-fiancee came to take the heroine back and deals with himself. I didn't like that the hero used his position as a CEO to make the man back down, even if it was a last resort. The man did leave. I did like the heroine for hesitating at answering the hero's proposal and tells the hero that she wants to learn more about before making a decision. Then when they go down the elevator, the ex-fiancee confronts him, calling the heroine a witch. I like that the hero defends her. Then comes the wedding and this is where it becomes a "what?" The woman that the hero was going to marry previously comes charging in after the couple say their vows. That went well. Then the hero says that they should start working on making a family. Hello, you didn't get married to have kids, you got married to one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. The heroine does get some brownie points from me on handling her father in law. I did like that the couple spend time on both sides of the family. The heroine then learns from her sister that her ex-fiancee did come to patch things up but the hero wouldn't let him see her. I did like that she confronted him privately on it. I feel so sorry for the poor heroine because she is putting so much foundation into having a child and it's destroying her. I like how the hero calms her and tells her that he wants her for her, not for a baby maker. Plus, it can take years for a couple to have a child. It's sweet and I like the ending except one thing. The part where they have a baby and they grandfather that the baby has black locks, and I see that it's a blond. Please correct that.

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