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When a couple in love witnesses the shining white ship, they’ll be together forever… Lauren never believed that old island legend, though it is true she was with her first love, Cameron, when she saw that phantom ship. However, a deep-seated grudge between their two families ripped the young lovers apart, leaving Lauren with the emotional scars of a teen pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. Now, fifteen years later, Lauren is the successful president of her own company and back to show the islanders they were wrong about her. But when she sees Cameron again, all grown up, will she find herself in puppy-love all over again?

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too young 3  3

I know that it can get a bit old with the hero and the heroine meeting at the age of 16 and getting pregnant by then but the idea of 15 and 14 is too much. I mean that is really young. So, the hero and the heroine grew up on the same island, the heroine being a year older than the hero. They have sex, (seriously, they both should have had the health education of where that all leads to). The hero is sent away to boarding school and the parents of the hero who are the rich creeps of the little island come bashing down on the heroine and her family, causing not only the hero's stress level up high that causes a miscarriage but chases the family off their home. The mother of the hero, the bitter viper makes up lies about the heroine having an abortion all over the place. That nasty woman doing so many horrible things to a 15 year old girl. That is plan wrong. The hero grows up and becomes a Ceo of a multimillion of a real estate business. I say what to go but will do anything for her mother, even buy an expensive house on the island that they were forced away from. The hero who is living on the island learns that the heroine comes back and is quite rich. The heroine also meets a friend who never believed the witch's lies. The hero and the heroine meet again at the auction and I hated what the hero said, "rumors based on fact" Wow. Hasn't anybody ever told him that rumors aren't like that. I loved that the heroine had more money than the hero and was able to buy the fancy mansion. The heroine does come up with more obstacles. I did like that the heroine buying the mansion ticked off the hero's parents real good. They deserved it. I actually feel sorry for the hero to have such parents. The first meeting goes horribly for the heroine. She then has to go to the hero for help. They find the same ground to stand on and come to an agreement about the house.The hero did earn some brownie points from me by stopping the heroine and apologizing for what happened all those years ago. The heroine also reveals that the rumor of abortion was false and she actually had a miscarriage. The hero is shocked and I was a bit surprised that he actually believed in them. I liked how the hero and heroine are working together to bring the mansion back to its peak. Then it goes wrong when they share a kiss at a public dance and the hero's recent girlfriend, pressured by the hero's parents sees them. We get a scene where the parents of the hero are acting evil. The hero breaks up with the recent girlfriend to pursue a relationship with the heroine that leads to sex. Then the hero's father plays dirty (the creep) by illegally taking the materials meant for the mansion. The hero stands up for her by taking her out to dinner in a very public place. The heroine goes back to Boston for a short while and she finds out that she's pregnant. The heroine surprises her mother with the gift and the mother is so happy till the viper mother invites herself in, giving the heroine the crap of pulling her son's funds away if she doesn't leave him alone. The heroine actually believes the her and does to the hero who is heartbroken and says a couple of mean things. Then realizes of why she did it and confronts his parents. I loved what he said to his parent. I also loved what he brought to the heroine. I loved the wedding and the way the vipers bit the bullet. The ending was especially sweet with the little boy. It was a good story to read. Also, the heroine still has her job.

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