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Kostas Marcos and his wife perished in a tragic car accident, leaving their son Nicos in the care of Harriet "Harry" Masters. Alex Marcos, Kostas’s older brother, can’t just leave his brother to Harry. But when Alex can'’t quell the cries of baby Nicos, Harry is swept into the family’s autocratic world of deception and distrust. What ill will does the matriarch of the family wish upon them, and why is a long-lost brooch so important?

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Not Quite 3  3

It was a really good story, but there was no real development of the the couples relationship. I know the men jump into these marriages really quickly in these stories, but they hardly developed a relationship at all.

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unsatisfied 2  2

The story didn't feel like a romance but more of a suspense and mystery. I do like a good mystery but it if the story is going to be about a couple growing while figuring it out then that's a good mystery. The story goes off when the heroine's sister and brother-in-law get into a car accident that leaves a little boy behind. The brother-in-law's older brother wants the heroine to give the little boy up to him and the heroine resists telling the lawyer that the hero has to see her himself, he does and things of go off. The hero tells the heroine to hand the boy over and I don't mind that the heroine gets ready to slap him but doesn't hit the mark because the hero grabs her hand. Then the heroine hears the nephew crying for her and comforts him. The nephew is so adorable. The hero is sweet and soft to the nephew. It's only after a little prodding from the hero that ht heroine gives and I feel like saying, "Where's the fire?" The heroine gets all the clothes and stuff ready and when a couple of hours go by the heroine gets a call from the heroine demanding that she come to the hotel because the little boy won't stop crying for her. It was so cute to see the hug between the two and the hero pull stye usual, "Were you on a date since you're free of him (nephew)?" Wow, what to make conservation with the in-law who was able to get your nephew to calm down. I did find it ridiculous that the heroine didn't think to realize that the sudden change of environment without her there would cause the boy to panic and cry. So, the hero has the heroine go to Greece. The heroine and the nephew get a warm welcome form the hero's mother, but the hero's aunt gives the look of a cold witch. she states that the nephew doesn't look anything like the hero's brother. Later that night, the hero and the heroine share a little hot moment near the pool but nothing that escalates. The hero then goes back to work and the heroine notices that the aunt is trying to keep the nephew away from the grandmother. She also manages to overhear the aunt say rude things about the nephew and her sister. I liked that the heroine confronted the woman and demanded an apology though the aunt never gave one. I agree with the heroine that they should leave the place because who would want to be with such a hard woman. The hero catches the heroine rand tells her to wait a bit and leave for a week. During that time the heroine meets the son of the aunt who acts way nicer than the aunt herself. I mean if the aunt had anything nice in her then the son must have taken it all out. We learn from the maids that there is something going on with the aunt that has to do with the rest of the family. Then the heroine catches the aunt almost putting something in her bag. The son picks it up and tells her that its his mother's brooch. Interesting? We also learn from the son that brother made a big mistake at work and was accused of stealing a special ring in the family that led him to be cut off from the family. The heroine doesn't believe it of course. The hero catches the son and the heroine in a predicament when the heroine drank some light alcohol that caused her to fall asleep and the son placed a hickey on the heroine's shoulder for the hero to see. I did like that the hero didn't blow off at the heroine. He did that to the son. However, he leaves right then, which isn't much conversation between the hero and heroine. I also liked the son for standing up against his mother for his cousin and the heroine. We then have a scary moment though I am not saying what but it does explain a lot. Then the ending comes and it wasn't a good ending because the hero asks the heroine to marry him and the book leaves a cliff hanger. It's kind of disappointing. As a suspense or mystery if you want one of those quick reads then it good but if you're looking for romance then there isn't much of that in this book.

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