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Jill and Aiden Morse are having a rough relationship, but when Aiden forgets his daughter's first birthday, can you blame her for getting upset? Aiden's been on autopilot since his daughter was born, but things begin to look up for the family after Aiden has a near-death experience. Thanks to a plane crash—or train crash, depending on when you ask him—Aiden's lost his memory…but has been given a new start. Is the new Aiden man enough to save his marriage, or will Jill's divorced friend Eric Lindstorm offer up a better alternative?

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Don't like it when the female decides on her own to get pregnant. 2  2

The lead female got pregnant after 2 weeks of being together... ugh. Furthermore she thought she knew this man? That's funny, even young kids know you don't know someone if you don't know anything about them. She got married without even knowing his birthday. Seems she was of the mind to have a baby and ask questions later? Hope he'll change for you and the baby? Presumptuousness. Every single thing I hate about female characters is embodied in this female lead. She doesn't work. She brings other men into the house but pretends she cannot tell their intentions, his house. She doesn't know a single thing about her husband until he looses his memories. NOTHING. Not even his birthday. Yet she thinks she knows him enough to think he will be ecstatic about her selfish and unspoken decision to not take any precautions to prevent pregnancy. I could rant all day about how horrible she is but her counterpart is no knight in shining armor either. He's running away from the past using his success and his marriage (weak) but it backfires. Ultimately he had the ability to use a condom and stop her from her stupidity but he didn't. So while she deserves a lot of the blame for making a decision that would affect both of their lives without even bothering to consult her significant other, he didn't do what was in his power to stop something like this from happening. So if he really didn't want to have kids he deserves a little of the blame as well. I wouldn't say he was a jerk to her just completely cold after her multiple self serving decisions but this is also his fault partly as well for marrying someone like her before he got to know her. When he lost his memories he became someone with a completely different personality (unguarded) and she latched on to that. The art was decent though and although I didn't like the characters they are unfortunately very realistic (plenty of women and men out there like this). I'm sure some people will really enjoy this story but it's definitely not for me.

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amensia 4  4

In the beginning of the story, the hero and heroine are getting a divorce because the last year of their marriage has been a mess and the straw that broke the camel's back was the fact that the hero missed the first birthday of their only child, their daughter. The hero comes off as cold person. The heroine is dropping the hero off at the airport but his plane crashes, which leaves him wounded and has amnesia regarding most of his recent life. The heroine's friend who the hero thinks that wants the heroine kinda keeps pressuring her on her idea of the divorce even when her almost divorced husband just came back alive from a plane crash. The hero is very different from the first few pages we met him. He's really nice. The heroine and the hero come home and the hero's face just lights up at the sight of his daughter. I was a bit surprised that the baby's first word was "Daddy" and not "Mommy" since mommy is the one who spent more time with her than her dad. The hero seems happy to know to be with his daughter that the heroine wakes up to find both of them smiling and having breakfast together. I feel so sorry for the heroine because of how great it all is but the fact that once the hero gets his memories back then it will be all over. I felt sorry for the hero as he looked through the pictures of the daughter's first birthday and saw that he wasn't there. The hero and the heroine's friend meet for the first time and it goes bland then sour after the man and his young son leave. The next day, the hero arrives with a cake to recelebrate the daughter's birthday. It's really sweet of him. The heroine also starts to realize that they was very little that she knew about the hero himself. For example, she didn't know much about his past. I loved the scenes of the hike and picnic. I am conflicted on the matter of whether the heroine should tell the hero of their soon to be divorcees and I hate how he finds the hard way out. The hero learns from the heroine of what was really going on and he takes it as best as he can: going back to normal cold except around the daughter. We learn that the heroine friend actually wanted more with the heroine but the heroine rejects him. The heroine tells the hero what happened but the hero remains cold. It takes a thunderstorm and a nightmare for the hero to open up to the heroine. We learn the next day that the hero's amnesia was from trying to forget all the horrible things that he did to the heroine and their daughter. The fact that he's actually scared of being responsible for his child because it was his responsibility as a very young child to watch over his younger sibling and his sibling got killed. So, he was actually afraid of hurting her. I love the heroine's speech to and for the hero. It's so sweet. The ending was great.

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