Sheikh's Honor

Passion Romance Sheikh's Honor

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Sheikh's Honor

What’s the dastardly rogue who kidnapped Clio’s sister years ago in the desert country of Barakat doing at Love Lake? Her sister is safe and sound—and married to a prince!—but Clio still can’t forgive this man for what he did in the past. Now she has to be the tour guide even though he’s on a mission that must be kept secret from her. Will Clio keep the love growing inside her a secret, as well?

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a bit of exaggeration on wounds 4  4

Okay, this story was good because instead of the heroine being on the hero's turf, it was the hero on the heroine's turf. I liked that there was no deserts or huge castles but modest summer cottages and activities that didn't consist of hunting with hawks but with fish. Plus we need inside look to the hero and the heroine of how they view each other and that starts to change. The heroine has a bad view of the hero since he's the one who kidnapped her sister, causing a lot of distress in her family and the hero is in love with the heroine because when he first saw her at the wedding of the hero's uncles, he felt a kinship with her feeling out of place. I did like that we learn the differences in cultures like how women aren't allowed to inherit or marry again. The thing I found hilarious was the uncles and the sister observing the two. It made me laugh watching the older sister demand the hero to leave her sister alone from the picture on the computer. I kept going back to that particular. However, there were a couple of reason of why I gave it a four star rather than a five star. First, was the bear scene. It was either the artist or the author but someone messed up on how the hero gets cuts up by the bear. The bear slashes the hero's side of the face. It goes from the hairline to the cheek. Then the artist splashes a small little bandaid across the wound, not down but across. The artist didn't even check on that. Plus, with a cut like that, the hero would have had to immediately go straight to the hospital for a cut that large and deep, he would need not a bandaid, but bandages and stitches. Not to mention antibiotics since who knows where that bear's claws have been. The next thing that was a bit of an exaggeration was the idea of the heroine having to look for a husband from the hero's perspective because she was at a "university." Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been to college, I didn't go there to find a prosperous marriage partner but a prosperous career. The ending was really sweet and I liked what happened to the hero's mother in the end. It was a good story to read.

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