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Thanks to a mix-up by her agency, Lian finds herself stranded in Buenos Aires. "What will I do? I don't even have a ticket back to England," the penniless dancer laments when she is approached by Ricardo, the owner of a large ranch, who offers a way out of her dangerous situation. He proposes to Lian a preposterous deal: "I will pay you 10,000 pounds if you will play the part of my wife for six months." With no other options, Lian accepts. "How will I pretend to be married with a complete stranger?" she thinks. Yet despite her confusion Lian finds herself drawn to Ricardo's intense gaze... Will Lian lose herself in those obsidian-black eyes?

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Agree with two brother and one troll of father 4  4

Erin the critic was spot on about the story with the two brothers being put against each other because it was their father's "fun" entertainment. That is so twisted and it's a bit easy to understand but not completely so. It is because the heroes knew of what a jerk the man was but they let him manipulate them. I liked the heroine because she has backbone and defies the hero by learning how to work on the ranch and going to visit her new sister-in-law. Not to mention that the heroine and her new sister-in-law are really nice to each other and enjoy each other's company. I did like that when the hero's brother met the heroine after their wedding, that he was being a complete gentleman and excellent host. The hero was a bit more of a jerk than the his brother from getting mad about a few sheep crossing into his territory. I understand that sheep destroy grass but don't get mad at your brother, get mad at the sheep for BREAKING through the fence. I did like that we get to see a bit of the hero's thoughts. Then after finding out about his brother's unborn child, he suddenly wants children with the heroine so that the brother's child won't inherit the estate. I was so proud of the heroine for putting the STOP sign on that activity. Then we have an accident that finally brings the two brothers together (Thank goodness). A sweet ending at the end.

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Two stubborn brothers and one troll of a father 4  4

So this is basically a story of two brothers who grew up being pitted against one another by their very own father who find it amusing. Seriously major troll alert. So he decides to make the two race who gets to get married first and they get to inherit the land. Elder brother finds a beautiful lost Aussie and offers a fake marriage in exchange for money. The girl agrees. The two brothers argue about minuscle things. The two sisters in law became friends and tried to mend things between brothers. Story ends well when both brothers realize that blood really is thicker than water and that when one is in trouble they really cant deny the call of their blood. Sweet ending for both couple.

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