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Four years ago, Tessa was trapped in South America with no way out. In order to save Tessa, a complete stranger had to marry her to smuggle her out. Tessa had no way to thank the man who saved her life because he died protecting her…or did he? After seeing an article about Stavros Denakis four years later, Tessa was determined to give her savior back his family ring. All she had for Stavros was gratitude, but he was suspicious of the convenient timing of her arrival—during his engagement party. he figures out what’s going on, he decides to keep Tessa under watch on his estate. But the more time he spends with her, the more he’s reminded of why he helped her in the first place all those years ago…

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a wife who says congratulations 4  4

Now this story was a new one: a wife who says congratulations to her husband's engagement to another woman. In the beginning the hero is at his engagement party with his fiancee when a strange woman comes in asking to see him with a dead name. The hero goes to confront her and he finds out that she's his dead wife from four years ago that he married in order to help her get out of a war torn country. They got separated by a bombing and while, he was sent back to Greece, she was founded by a convent there and stayed there for four years till she was able to go back to her homeland in New Zealand. According to the heroine and she looked earnest when she said this, she wanted to return the ring that he gave her and congratulate him on his engagement. This is a new one. The hero doesn't believe it and the heroine finds out that she married to the hero, like still married to him, which causes her to faint. While, the heroine is asleep, the hero confirms by the heroine's looks that it's actually his wife. The hero asks about where she was and learns about how she was still in the worn torn country. The hero doesn't believe it though, even though the doctor found evidence of contaminated water that's found probably in a war torn country. The heroine says that she doesn't have any family and that the hero pulls out the jerk card. He is losing brownie points from his point onward. I give the heroine brownie points and how she not only tries to stand her ground against the hero but also tries to leave him. The hero won't let her. The hero is all in a huff because of the heroine has come back from the dead. I don't blame him if he should act all confused, but no need to act like a creep. It has been three days since the engagement party and the heroine is still flocked by the heir's guards to keep her from getting away. The heroine meets the father of the hero and he invites her for breakfast. The man is deemed a gentleman and they have a good talk. The hero manages to eavesdrop on them and he's in a bad mood from seeing them together. The hero does set some brownie points for apologizing to the heroine, actually saying "I'm sorry" for leaving her in a war torn country. The heroine is accepting, stating that it wasn't his fault and the hero ruins it by bringing up the settlement to which, the heroine states that she didn't come for money but to give the ring back. The heroine lets the hero make on the decisions on the settlement then the hero thanks the heroine, probably after hearing the his father, say thank you to the heroine for giving him back the ring. Not more than thirty seconds later, the hero is in a foul mood because the paper got word of the heroine and he believes that it's the heroine's fault though, how could she when she was flocked by his guards, 24/7. the hero states that its all her fault and the heroine swears on the ring that she didn't but the hero makes some jerky comments, which results in a slap from the heroine. The hero is losing brownie points. Then the day of signing of the divorce comes and this is where the heroine earns brownie points. She signs the divorce paper but crosses out the one million dollars. This freaks out the hero (good.) because I love how the heroine handles him till he throws her on the bed. Then the heroine lost brownie points because why would she allow her virginity (since she was 18 when she was forced into hiding into a convent) to a guy who has been a real jerk. Then the heroine states after sex that she din't have time to tell the hero. Wrong, because you can tell that someone is a virgin by the fact that they shout at the top of their lungs, "Virgin!" and that should stop the man. Then the hero pulls some weird stuff that doesn't sound right. Then the hero acts like a hubby. It felt a bit weird and the heroine feels out of place. I like how the heroine when the hero offers to get her something, she wants to have dinner with the father and the hero together. It's sweet. I like that the hero notices these things. Everything goes well till the ex-fiancee comes and gives the poor heroine an earful. The hero finds out and comforts and loves her. The ending was sweet, but I love endings with kids.

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