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Sarah is at her house by the beach one day when a stranger drops by to visit her. His name is John Englewood, and his aunt Cindy was a friend of Sarah’s who lived nearby before she passed away. He says that he’s come to tell Sarah about a mysterious condition that Cindy left in her will. Cindy left a share of stocks in the Englewood’s factory in Sarah’s name, but if Sarah lives with John, the stocks will go to him. If she does not, the stocks remain hers. Now these two must figure out what Cindy’s last wishes for them were.

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love the dog, hints of a mystery 4  4

I love dogs, especially the dog called " Mary" in this story. Although, I'm not sure of how the heroine got her dog to defend her like that. The story goes off with the death of an older woman who was friends with the heroine for five years and is the aunt to the hero. A month after the aunt dies, the hero and heroine finally meet but the hero goes off with this look like he thinks that the heroine is a horrible person because she is younger than the aunt and could be a gold digger. To me, that doesn't make sense. The heroine has lived in a small town, is friends with a woman who is much older than she and has a job. Now, here is a good question: if she was a gold digger, after the old woman's money; why wait five years for her to die? Why not use the time to go out shopping and buying expensive stuff? The hero is the designer of software to the family company and should have easy access to check to see if his aunt has made any extravagant purchases over the five years. The hero informs the heroine that she is the heiress to the aunt's 15% stock share of the company. The heroine doesn't want it, claiming that it should belong with the family. Apparently, the only way for the hero to get the rest of the stock share is if the heroine lives in his house for six months. The heroine agrees willingly, though, if it were me; I would have first looked up some information on this guy. As a matter of fact, that's what the heroine's brother does and as a big brother, he states that the heroine shouldn't go and the heroine goes. It makes sense: do the opposite of what your sibling tells you to do. The heroine goes with the hero and there is a scary plane ride. The hero meets the housekeeper who is nice and then meets the hero's son (she was informed beforehand by the hero that he had a son). The first meeting between the two doesn't go well: the boy bites her hand when she held it out to him. What surprised me next was the dog licking the boy's face. It was a sweet gesture. Once everything calmed down, the boy heard from "He" that the heroine was going to take the hero away from his son and things about how he wasn't a good boy and such. Now, that raised some questions on who is this "he" character that has been saying all these things, which makes the plot more interesting. The heroine being sweet as ever, calms the boy down with a hug, and tells him that she won't do such a thing. One of the sweetest scenes for me was the housekeeper finding the heroine, boy, and dog all sleeping together. It was adorable. The next thing that fascinated me was the fact that when the heroine met the brother and Mary growled at him, the heroine didn't kiss him. At first, it seemed natural but it did raise the question of why didn't she kiss him. There are some cute scenes in the story; for example, the little boy asking the heroine to be his mother so he won't get bullied at school. Oh, my goodness! That was my next favorite part: Mary the dog walking beside the boy as he is going through the school yard so he won't get bullied by the other kids. The plot thickens with the question of who murdered the hero's first wife and mother of the little boy. I like that the heroine has backbone when facing the hero when he asks her what is her scheme? The reason is that he comes up with fact of who said what since their first meeting. The story deepens and when the murderer is found, I want to smack the person for what they said to that sweet little boy. The ending was really good too because it wasn't rushed or anything.

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